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 KeHE Distributors® Rolls Out New Fresh Marketplace Brand; Laura Stidham Shares

KeHE Distributors® Rolls Out New Fresh Marketplace Brand; Laura Stidham Shares

Monday, February 26th, 2024

Exciting things were revealed at KeHE Distributors® 2024 Summer Show, including the debut of a fresh-forward new brand. Unveiling its new Fresh Marketplace brand, the distributor is aiming to bring consumers more varieties of fresh product offerings from around the world.

Laura Stidham, Specialty Cheese Category Manager, KeHE Distributors®“We have long been committed to fresh products, but the KeHE Fresh Marketplace launch really helps define what makes our approach distinct,” said Laura Stidham, Specialty Cheese Category Manager at KeHE. “In my category alone, we have grown to more than 9,500 SKUs that allow us to support retailers of nearly all sizes to help them better serve shoppers. Given that many shoppers choose a store based on its Fresh products, we’re proud to support retailers in creating a memorable in-store experience.”

A recent press release explained that the newly launched brand focuses on driving consumers to retailers for an assortment of fresh products, including cheese, meat and seafood, bakery, bulk, and deli items. KeHE's Fresh Marketplace offers over 24,000 fresh products curated by category experts, all with a focus on helping "make stores worth leaving home for."

As the release noted, the new Fresh Marketplace allows KeHE to advance its passion for Fresh food offerings and maximizes routes while minimizing costs for KeHE’s retail partners.

Shortly following its acquisition of DPI Specialty Foods, KeHe strategically bolstered its customer base and existing warehouse infrastructure, along with strengthening its Fresh and innovative product portfolio.

DMN will continue to report on this distributor’s ambitious growth strategies and more, so stick around.

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