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Kerrygold Employs All Senses in New Holiday Calm Campaign; Alexandra Vinci Comments

Kerrygold Employs All Senses in New Holiday Calm Campaign; Alexandra Vinci Comments

Monday, December 13th, 2021

While the holidays are undoubtedly an exciting time for many families, every year brings the challenge of baking and cooking festive foods to please any guest. Kerrygold has launched a its new Holiday Calm campaign, which allows shoppers to take a break from the stress of holiday food preparation with soothing sounds and visuals and comforting recipes.

Alexandra Vinci, Brand Manager, Kerrygold"At Kerrygold, we believe the rich flavors of our products can make any moment a little more special," said Alexandra Vinci, Brand Manager. "We want to lend a hand during this busy time of year by offering stress-reducing strategies and relaxing recipes in the kitchen, as well as transporting home cooks to the tranquil serenity of Ireland."

Nearly nine in 10 consumers (89 percent) find the work involved with holiday meals to be stressful, according to a new United States survey commissioned by Kerrygold. The Holiday Calm campaign is designed to bring a bit of Ireland to U.S. kitchens, according to a press release, by providing soothing sounds and calming visuals of crashing waves off the Irish coast and cows grazing on green pastures.

In addition, the campaign includes delicious and comforting recipes that utilize the famous Irish butter and all-natural cheese, thus helping consumers relax by immersing their five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

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"We've curated a range of seasonal recipes that can take family favorites to the next level with an elevated taste to truly make the meal special," Vinci said. "Using Kerrygold butter ensures the creamy, superior taste comes through in every bite, especially if you're balancing multiple requirements. Butter is a shortcut to flavor, and Kerrygold pure Irish butter is gluten-free and low lactose."

To read more about the innovative campaign and the consumer behaviors that inspired it, click here.

The kitchen has always been a go-to destination during the holiday season, and Kerrygold is turning holiday baking into a mini getaway with this latest launch. For more inventive campaigns, keep clicking on Deli Market News.