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Klondike Cheese Company Enhances Cheese Counters

Klondike Cheese Company Enhances Cheese Counters

Friday, June 26th, 2020

Cheese is what makes the world go round, or at least that’s how I feel when I spy a charcuterie board ripe for the eating. While consumers have gotten more creative in the last few months in curating their own platters and boards, cheesemakers continue to spice up the palette with innovative twists for retailers and foodservice operators to offer. I got in touch with Klondike Cheese Company’s Teena Buholzer to find out what awaits cheese counters this summer.

Teena Buholzer, Marketing Director, Klondike Cheese“We are adding a Jalapeño Havarti and a Horseradish Havarti to our current line of Buholzer Brothers Cheeses,” Teena, Marketing Director, shares with me. “Both are great melting cheeses with a kick of flavor that takes your recipe to the next level. They also are perfect sliced or cubed for those that want a convenient and tasty snack.”

Packaged in a printed film with a flange to help with resealing, the new Jalapeño Havarti and Horseradish Havarti come in 6-oz chunks for retail and 4.5-lb loaves for foodservice. And with summer on its way, Klondike’s latest flavors are perfect for a variety of uses.

Klondike Cheese Company is adding a Jalapeño Havarti and a Horseradish Havarti to its current line of Buholzer Brothers Cheeses

“Our new products are great additions to a charcuterie board. They pair well with other cheeses, crackers, meats, and fruit for a wide range of flavors,” Teena continues. “Because they melt extremely well, they also go great on the grill for burgers or on sandwiches.”

Set to hit retail shelves this July, the new cheese products will be available nationwide for Klondike’s customers who already receive the cheesemakers Odyssey® Feta Cheese and Greek yogurt products. The Jalapeño and Horseradish Harvati will join Buholzer Brothers’ lineup of cheeses that includes Plain and Dill Havartis, Muenster, and Brick.

Crafted in Wisconsin by Master Cheesemakers to achieve the highest quality products, all flavors are available in retail and foodservice sizes.

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