Kraft Heinz Partners With eko and Walmart; Elizabeth Bennett and Tom Fishman Discuss

Kraft Heinz Partners With eko and Walmart; Elizabeth Bennett and Tom Fishman Discuss

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Healthy and convenient are two top priorities for consumers. As social media continues to evolve and capture the consumer’s interest, Kraft Heinz is throwing its hat into the ring to display its nutritional prowess. Recently, the company announced a dynamic partnership with Walmart and eko, a leader in choice-driven technology, to launch 11 new Kraft Heinz episodes focused on healthy, convenient meal solutions for any season.

These custom brand-integrated experiences will be featured across Walmart Cookshop, an innovative shoppable video hub for cooking enthusiasts, that brings choice to food shopping and meal planning in a way that is both entertaining and useful for consumers.

Elizabeth Bennett, Global Head of eCommerce, Kraft Heinz “At Kraft Heinz, we place consumers at the forefront of everything we do and are hyper-focused on delivering convenient and personalized experiences to make grocery shopping easy, relevant, and fun,” shared Elizabeth Bennett, Kraft Heinz Global Head of eCommerce. “Partnering with Walmart Cookshop and eko offers us a unique ability to offer customers delicious meal solutions from the brands they trust and love.”

With summer already felt throughout all of the States, Kraft’s first few episodes will include delicious ways to use Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Country Time, and Kool-Aid products. Viewers will be guided through an immersive experience choosing between options like “sweet or savory” and “Strawberry or Honey Pecan Cream Cheese,” ultimately landing on their desired recipe with the option to shop for the associated products.

Tom Fishman, General Manager, eko“eko’s platform for shoppable interactive video experiences continues to prove out unparalleled advantages for brands. We’re delighted to partner with Kraft Heinz to launch immersive experiences that provide easy inspiration and utility across the shopping journey,” said Tom Fishman, General Manager at eko. “The opportunities are endless when you’re able to provide fully customizable content—whether viewers are looking for summer meal inspiration or to spend quality time cooking with family and friends.”

Later this year, the brand will unveil a Kraft Heinz-exclusive “Sandwich Shop” featuring a delicious, always-on selection of seasonal sandwich recipes. Other future experiences on Walmart Cookshop include seasonal hacks like Thanksgiving leftover meals, great holiday baking recipes for the family, and unique spins on other seasonal moments like fall tailgating. The campaign will include a wide variety of products and brands from Oscar Mayer to Kool-Aid to Philadelphia Cream Cheese and, of course, Kraft cheese and Heinz condiments.

Kraft Heinz has announced a dynamic partnership with Walmart and eko to launch 11 new episodes focused on healthy, convenient meal solutions for any season

Walmart and eko’s multi-year partnership has already led to the development of interactive experiences spanning toy catalogs to cooking shows. The consumer offering continues to grow, providing a variety of customizable food experiences hosted by brand Interactive Tasty and world-famous chefs and hosts, including Sofia Vergara, Jamie Oliver, Patti LaBelle, and the Pioneer Woman.

Learn more about this exciting partnership here.

As summer heats up and consumers are embracing experimenting with food, what will Kraft Heinz, Walmart, and other industry leaders cook up next?

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