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KRAVE Ambassador Shaun White Launches New Gold Label Spicy Sesame Ginger Beef Jerky; Steele Meisinger Discusses

KRAVE Ambassador Shaun White Launches New Gold Label Spicy Sesame Ginger Beef Jerky; Steele Meisinger Discusses

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Investor and Global Ambassador Shaun White is taking to his new position like an Olympic winner to the gold medal as KRAVE Jerky announced a limited-edition flavor. The partnership produced a new Gold Label, 100 percent grass-fed beef jerky flavor inspired by his Olympic achievements and taste for adventure: Spicy Sesame Ginger Beef Jerky.

Shaun White, American Snowboarder“Being part of Team KRAVE has been so much fun. There is such synergy in KRAVE’s lighthearted, fun-yet-serious approach to the jerky category and the way I like to put a bold and unique twist on what it takes to be a professional athlete and entrepreneur,” said White. “KRAVE’s a brand I enjoy collaborating with, and I’m honored to lend some of my creative energy to the launch of my own Spicy Sesame Ginger flavor. With the upcoming Winter Olympics, I made sure this jerky—like the rest of KRAVE’s lineup—would fit perfectly into my lifestyle, whether I’m training for a competition on the slopes or on-the-go traveling.”

Developed and inspired by White, the KRAVE culinary team set out to create the gold standard for jerky with an elevated flavor profile and premium 100 percent grass-fed beef jerky.

KRAVE Jerky has partnered with snowboarder Shaun White to launch limited-edition Spicy Sesame Ginger flavor

As a longtime fan of KRAVE, White sought to create a new flavor of jerky alongside the industry experts known for revolutionizing the category. Together, White and KRAVE landed on the perfect flavor to showcase his love for spice and adventure—one that would crush people’s expectations of jerky and blow away the competition.

Steele Meisinger, Vice President of Marketing, KRAVE“Shaun White has been the perfect partner for us to help relaunch KRAVE and reignite the jerky category. As an Investor and Global Brand Ambassador, Shaun brings more than just buzz and credibility to the brand—he represents our belief in the fun of being unexpected. We know our KRAVE audience is hungry, not just for protein, but also for doing more, being better, and always evolving,” said Steele Meisinger, Vice President of Marketing. “KRAVE’s exclusive collaboration with Shaun in creating our new Spicy Sesame Ginger Beef Jerky exemplifies the KRAVE message perfectly: KRAVE’s superior, premium protein snacks prove that ‘Better for You’ doesn't have to be boring. We couldn’t be more thrilled to launch this new jerky flavor with him.”

According to the release, KRAVE worked with Shaun to create a unique Spicy Sesame Ginger flavor that strikes the ideal balance between better-for-you and better-tasting with 100 percent grass-fed beef and high-quality ingredients. The Gold Label Jerky has 9 g of protein per serving, is gluten-free, and is made with no artificial ingredients.

White is an investor and global brand ambassador for KRAVE, and was inspired to create this new flavor of jerky based on his love of spice and adventure

In the brand’s KRAVE Better campaign, this partnership between Shaun White and KRAVE also featured the brand’s recent packaging and digital overhaul along with the launches of KRAVE’s 100 percent grass-fed beef products and new Zero Sugar Jerky.

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