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Lily O’Brien’s Launches Range Of Chocolate Truffles

Lily O’Brien’s Launches Range Of Chocolate Truffles

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

Mary Ann O’Brien, the creator of Lily O’Brien’s Chocolates, has spent time honing her craft, fine-tuning her chocolate-making skills among world-class chefs and chocolatiers in South Africa and Europe before starting her own chocolate business in her Kildare kitchen in 1992. Now, consumers are able to experience that magical melting sensation with the release of the chocolatier’s new range of luxurious chocolate truffles.

The new range comes in three different flavors, Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla. Lily O’Brien’s helps consumers find their “oooh” moment with its brand-new selection of decadent chocolate truffles, making for the perfect and delicious gift for consumers’ Christmas stockings.

Lily O'Brien's has launched a new range of luxurious chocolate truffles available in three decadent flavors

Created with passion using the finest Lily O’Brien’s Milk Chocolate are luxurious and have a thick chocolate shell that melts away to reveal a silky-smooth center. This option comes in a box of 17, perfect for Christmas or sharing.

Salted Caramel Truffles, a luxurious Irish chocolate, are a delight for taste buds with their hard chocolate shell and creamy center that oozes a rich caramel flavor. According to the release, every bright and eye-catching box is filled with 16 mouth-watering truffles and is ideal as a decadent treat.

Made with Lily O’Brien’s finest milk chocolate and filled to the brim with velvety vanilla cream, this Vanilla Truffle treat comes with 17 truffles in each box and is a delicious, indulgent treat to share with the entire family.

For more information, check out the release here.

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