Litehouse Bleu Cheese - Behind the Counter

Welcome to this episode of Behind the Counter. Litehouse Foods' Blue Cheese making process is second to none, producing some of the best quality, flavor and versatility in the industry. From trucks delivering milk... and Rennet measured and added equally in front of agitator paddles... to trays of blue wheels growing mold in the temperature and humidity controlled curing room...Litehouse knows that it's all in the details. Testing for the thickness of curd is an element of the cheese making process that is essential to the products success. After testing, the curd is cut lengthwise with knives specific for the job and is then cut widthwise with the curd knife while constantly checking the consistency of curd. Agitator paddles are put on again and the vat is stirred shoveling with a gentle, uplifting motion. Curds are pushed back slowly and gently toward the end of vat with a cheese rake and a hose is connected to the vat for whey to be drained. Litehouse expert cheese makers then insert whey which is drained into another vat. The curds and whey slurry is salted and pumped onto a belt where the whey drains. The curd is then discharged on to filler screens and distributed into wheel hoops. Hoops are turned approximately 5 times throughout the day to promote uniform whey expulsion and proper knitting of the curd into a wheel of cheese. As the process continues, whey drains into milk cans where acidity testing is done to the whey. After draining overnight, all hoops are turned and wheels are removed and rolled in salt. The wheels are salted multiple times, and after the salt is absorbed they are punched twice on each side before entering the curing room. In the curing room, mold development begins within 2 weeks. Litehouse artisan cheese is aged 100 days for premium flavor, more than most blue cheeses. The company's cheese masters have brought over 70 years of combined experience to the recipe and production of this deliciously, rich and developed flavor. You've got to see it to believe it, and now you have. Thank you for joining us for this episode of Behind the Counter on DeliMarketTV.