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Litehouse Debuts Brite Harbor

Litehouse Debuts Brite Harbor

Friday, October 4th, 2019

Litehouse always seems to have my ticket when I think of dressings, dips, and convenience paired with flavor and innovation. And as a company built on innovation and vision, you can bet Litehouse is always keeping competitors on their toes and bringing more value to its partners. Now, Litehouse is bringing a new brand to the supermarket and foodservice spread with the introduction of the company's Brite Harbor portfolio.

Litehouse is introducing its new Brite Harbor line of dressings

Alison Kellogg, Brand Manager for the company, took a moment away from Litehouse’s exciting new launch to generate some energy and flavor cravings with us and with those looking to elevate their programs with all-things dipping.

Alison Kellogg, Brand Manager, Litehouse“Litehouse is best-known for our refrigerated dressings in a grocer’s produce section, but we have a wide assortment of shelf-stable products for those customers and consumers who need a convenient dressing, dip, or sauce that doesn’t require refrigeration,” Alison shares with me. “In order to alleviate confusion when consumers see a Litehouse cup of dressing sitting at room temperature and wondering if it is actually supposed to be refrigerated, Brite Harbor is our solution to more clearly differentiate the attributes of our two brands.”

Along with its staple favorites, Brite Harbor has seasonal offerings as well

The goal for Litehouse is simple: enhance consumers’ eating experiences, whether that is with its core dressings that customers and consumers use right out of the fridge or with its convenient, shelf-stable product that can be thrown in a lunch bag to be eaten on-the-go.

So, what makes up some of the highlights of this new brand? Litehouse has a full line of staple flavors covered in its Brite Harbor assortment, but some fall and seasonal favorites include Buttermilk Ranch—a creamy, classic lunch addition (available in convenient 1oz and 1.5oz cups and packets as well as gallons for Foodservice operators) and Honey French dressing—which balances a tomato kick with smooth honey (available in convenient 1oz and 1.5oz packets).

Litehouse strives to provide at-home and on-the-go solutions for everyone

“We pride ourselves on providing great tasting products to meet a variety of needs,” Alison tells me. “Overall, our mission at Litehouse is to make good food taste even better. In order to do so, we need to be available to consumers in the wide variety of ways that they’re eating meals these days. When creating meals at home, Litehouse is a marinade, ingredient, or dressing to give their dish a delicious twist. When on the go, Brite Harbor is the tasty, convenient packet of ranch to carry in their lunch bag. When they go out to a restaurant, Litehouse and Brite Harbor are the unique flavors used in the kitchen to create memorable dishes.”

Consumers are on a quest for convenience without sacrificing flavor, regardless of the location, Alison adds, and with the team’s variety of brands, Litehouse strives to provide solutions for everyone.

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