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Litehouse Acquires Veggiecraft Farms

Litehouse Acquires Veggiecraft Farms

Friday, September 11th, 2020

Acquisitions are the lifeblood of industry news writing, as we here at Deli Market News rally to learn all we can about companies making moves and deals within the plant-based sector. Litehouse, the dressing provider, recently acquired Veggiecraft Farms.

Kelly Prior, President and Chief Executive Officer, Litehouse“The acquisition of Veggiecraft Farms is the latest development in our long-term strategy to focus on category expansion and offer consumers convenient, memorable home cooking experiences,” said Kelly Prior, CEO and President of Litehouse. “We are starting to see a significant increase in consumer demand for plant-based offerings and this acquisition will provide a foundation for us to develop a portfolio of products with the plant-based consumer in mind. Outside of this acquisition, we will continue to put an increased focus on building out our plant-based offerings across multiple areas of the grocery store.”

According to a press release, Litehouse continues to expand its plant-based portfolio as mainstream consumers are increasingly seeking delicious and nutritious food options. NPD recently reported that plant-based food sales topped $3.3 billion over the past year and are outpacing dollar sales of all retail foods by 10 times.

Litehouse, the fresh-forward dressing provider, recently acquired the influential plant-based brand Veggiecraft Farms

Known for bringing plant-based products to the masses, Veggiecraft Farms specializes in providing vegetable-based versions of beloved foods, without sacrificing taste or texture. A company with such values obviously aligns with Litehouse, who has made aggressive moves over the last year to expand its footprint into different sections of the grocery store. The company launched Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs in the spice aisle and acquired Sky Valley—as we reported on our sister site, AndNowUKnowand Organicville brands, offering shelf-stable sauces and condiments in center-store.

We will continue to share all news as it pertains to the plant-based sector, so keep reading Deli Market News.

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