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Maple Leaf Farms Offers Behind-The-Scenes Look at Operations With Farm to Fork Campaign

Maple Leaf Farms Offers Behind-The-Scenes Look at Operations With Farm to Fork Campaign

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Both sides of my family came from agricultural backgrounds. I would not call them farms per se, but my grandparents’ backyards were packed with vegetables, fruit trees, and poultry. Family gatherings and holidays featured “fresh” chicken, duck, or pigeons straight from their backyard. That was the closest I got to farm-to-fork, and it was somewhat surprising that my friends in school didn’t actually know how they get their meat. However, growing awareness today has made consumers more picky on what and where their food comes from.

Maple Leaf Farms understands those concerns, and have made moves to be more transparent in its operations. The company wants to offer behind-the-scenes look at its duck farms with its new #MLFarmToFork campaign that focuses on transparency and the company’s commitment to operating responsibly. Throughout the remainder of 2019, Maple Leaf Farms will highlight its farm to fork process on social media through behind-the-scenes videos, farmer interviews, and more.

Olivia Tucker, Marketing Manager, Maple Leaf Farms“We want consumers to know the story behind our duck and our desire for continuous improvement,” explains Marketing Manager Olivia Tucker. “We’re proud of our animal husbandry practices, our facilities, and our people, and we want to showcase how vertical integration allows Maple Leaf Farms to produce the highest quality duck on the market.”

According to the press release, vertical integration means that Maple Leaf Farms oversees each step of the process of bringing a bird to market—from the hatchery, to local farms where the birds are grown, to the processing facility where the final product is packaged and shipped out to customers. To explain vertical integration and how it benefits the entire supply chain, Maple Leaf Farms has created an animated video that outlines the production process and how products get to consumers’ tables.

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