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Megan Corey Reveals Sonoma Cheese's New Showcase, Brand Refresh, and More at Summer Fancy Food Show 2024

Megan Corey Reveals Sonoma Cheese's New Showcase, Brand Refresh, and More at Summer Fancy Food Show 2024

Thursday, June 20th, 2024

Energizing, innovative, industrious. Yes, I am talking about the fabulous city of New York, home to the Summer Fancy Food Show. But, I am also talking about those companies that continue to raise the bar across the specialty foods space, operations like Sonoma Cheese.

Megan Corey, Marketing Specialist, Sonoma Cheese“It has been an amazing year so far for Sonoma Cheese. We have been a key player in the pepper jack category since 1931,” Megan Corey, Marketing Specialist, tells me. “This year, we are adding heritage back to this historic brand and hope that attendees take time to get reacquainted with our new and more modern Sonoma Cheese branding and enjoy the same high-quality cheese.”

With a colorful design palette that gives each of Sonoma Cheese’s Jack flavors their own character and helps them stand out on the shelf, this brand refresh is sure to draw the buy-side’s eye. To further bring a historical touch to the brand, the graphic’s arched layout has been inspired by the Spanish Missions that are a large part of the Sonoma region’s identity.

As a key player within the pepper jack category, Sonoma Cheese continues to innovate within its portfolio

“Additionally, we have added a thermometer graphic that indicates the level of spiciness for the flavors that bring the heat to maintain the approachable nature of this cheese classic,” Megan details.

Along with the new brand concept and execution, attendees can expect freshly debuted products as well.

Sonoma Smoked Hot Pepper Jack is our newest flavor. The classic Sonoma Hot Pepper Jack is naturally smoked over hickory chips for six to eight hours and is delicious!” Megan adds. “Also, keep an eye out for Wine Country and Red Hot & Blue Party Trays which are coming soon in a new format: peel and reseal Trays.”

To further entice customers, Sonoma Cheese is highlighting its Blue Marble Jack—a unique blue that we have dubbed the introductory blue.

One of the ways in which Sonoma Cheese is adding heritage back into its company is through a recent rebrand“Blue Marble Jack has a mellow flavor and buttery texture that is unlike any other blue. The processing of this cheese is also unique: The Penicillium roqueforti is cooked out, which allows it to be packed with other cheeses in the Red, Hot & Blue tray,” Megan reveals.

When I asked Megan how these spotlighted concepts and programs align with the company’s vision for excellence, she tells me how Sonoma Cheese has been credited with creating the original pepper jack cheese and has a long-standing reputation in this category. Innovation is key and that has long been a tenet of the program.

“It is a casual eating staple with an approachable appearance and taste. We have personified Jack and created the We Know Jack campaign, so it is easy to invite this cheese into your kitchen,” Megan concludes. “This is our goal, to be accessible with our ingenuity. The Summer Fancy Food Show is the perfect place for culture, strategy, vision, and excellence to collaborate, and we are excited to be a part of the event this year.”

With so much to see, make sure to highlight Sonoma Cheese booth#2840 at the Summer Fancy Food Show June 23-25! Keep an eye out for our Deli Market News team!

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