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Mi Rancho® Introduces New Retail Line of Non-GMO Tortillas

Mi Rancho® Introduces New Retail Line of Non-GMO Tortillas

Friday, September 13th, 2019

As more consumers become wary of food production and distribution, companies are changing the way products are made and what goes in. Mi Rancho® has always been in the game with its authentic and organic tortilla products, but now, the company has gone even further—the Bay Area innovator has released a new line of non-GMO tortillas, set to hit grocery shelves this month.

Manuel Berber, President, Mi Rancho“Adding these new non-GMO tortillas to Mi Rancho’s product line is part of our commitment to keep pace with food industry innovations while staying true to our commitment to quality and time-honored production techniques we have perfected over the last 80 years,” said Manuel Berber, President. “Consumers shop for brands they trust, and adding non-GMO verification gives customers another reason to trust Mi Rancho for the best quality as well as the best taste in tortillas.”

Mi Rancho has been manufacturing tortillas using age-old techniques and a farm-to-table philosophy for the past 80 years, according to the press release. The company uses non-GMO California-grown corn and prepares it using an ancient Aztec process called nixtamalization, where the corn is cooked in water and lime and steeped for 8-10 hours. The masa used to make the tortillas is ground using hand-carved lava stones, just as tortillas have been produced for centuries.

Mi Rancho’s new non-GMO tortillas are in line with the company’s commitment to quality and time-honored production techniques

The closely-monitored tortillas, marked with the Non-GMO Project butterfly seal, come in three varieties: Non-GMO Soft Taco Flour Tortilla; Non-GMO White Corn Tortilla; and Non-GMO Cornflowers Tortilla, a new formulation made from using a hybrid corn-wheat flour. According to a recent study by the Hartman Group, 46 percent of shoppers actively avoid bioengineered foods and are seeking out products with the Non-GMO Project butterfly, which Mi Rancho has perfectly delivered.

Mi Rancho’s new line will be available through regional grocery outlets such as Gelson’s, Jimbo’s, Lassens, Mollie Stones, Naturally, Nugget Markets, Natural Grocers in the Pacific Northwest, Safeway in Northern California, and select independent grocers. For more consumer food trends news, keep reading Deli Market News.

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