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Miyoko's Creamery Invests in Dairy Farms and Gains Celebrity Investors

Miyoko's Creamery Invests in Dairy Farms and Gains Celebrity Investors

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

The plant-based movement is in full swing across the country, and traditional meat and dairy farmers are feeling the heat. Many are pivoting their efforts to maintain relevency, be it through sustainable initiatives, facility expansions, or, in some cases, transitioning to the plant-based sector. One of the leading plant-based dairy brands, Miyoko’s Creamery, is taking a break from cheesemaking to lend a hand to a California dairy farm throughout its transition into plants. Not only does this mean more manpower on the plant-based front, but it also means more attention for the company. Announced this morning, Miyoko’s earned the recognition of celebrities Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, and in turn, their investments.

Ellen DeGeneres, Comedian and Celebrity"Being kind to one another is not just about people, it extends to animals as well," said DeGeneres. "Portia and I have been customers of Miyoko's Creamery for several years now, and their cheeses and vegan butter have become staples in our home. As we learned more about the mission behind the products and about Miyoko herself, we knew this was a special and exciting company that we wanted to support."

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According to a press release, the company’s recent initiative to support a dairy farmer is in collaboration with Farm Sanctuary, an organization committed to ending cruelty against farm animals and promoting compassionate vegan living through rescue, education, and advocacy efforts. Miyoko’s announcement to help a farm transition from animals to plants, ultimately using the land as the company's research and development farm, was another reason that de Rossi spoke out on supporting the company.

Portia de Rossi, Actress and Celebrity"We are particularly impressed about their holistic perspective to the challenge of moving our society away from animal agriculture," said de Rossi. "They understand the big picture—that farmers are part of the solution and require our support to transition away from current practices–it takes this holistic view to transition our world to plant-based diets."

Since its launch five years ago, Miyoko's has introduced a wide range of celebrated plant dairy products that not only set a higher standard for taste and quality within the vegan dairy industry, but are cruelty free and significantly better for the environment, producing 98 percent less greenhouse gases than its traditional dairy counterparts. The company will begin the search process for a farmer in early 2020, committing financial resources to the selected farm and technical expertise, in addition to engaging in a contractual agreement to become part of the company's research and development process.

Miyoko Schinner, Founder and CEO, Miyoko's"Farmers are struggling, farms are closing, livelihoods are threatened, and we want to help the American farmer stay true to the land," said Miyoko Schinner, Founder and CEO of Miyoko's. "We can't truly move to a compassionate food supply without the support and participation of the farming community. They are integral to our ability to eliminate animal agriculture and lead us to a compassionate and sustainable food supply."

Congratulations to Miyoko’s Creamery on this star-studded investment! For more exciting news on the plant-based front, keep reading Deli Market News.

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