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New Survey From Wasa® Reveals Snacking Shifts Among Parents

New Survey From Wasa® Reveals Snacking Shifts Among Parents

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

We at Deli Market News love to see snacking trends merge with the specialty sector, so I was thrilled to hear from Wasa® on this very topic. A new study by the company has uncovered how snacking habits have changed among U.S. consumers as they juggle ever-evolving schedules, working from new places, and entertaining the kids all day. According to the study, more than half of shoppers are snacking even more today than they were during the first few weeks of quarantine.

Robyn Youkilis, Health Coach"Now more than ever, I look forward to snack time as a small act of self-care and a little bit of fun," said Robyn Youkilis, AADP Certified Health Coach, author, and internationally renowned speaker who has been snacking on Wasa crispbreads for years.

From scarfing down a treat while muted on a conference call to hiding their favorite snacks to keep them safe from their kids, parents are adopting a whole host of new snack habits to get them through the pandemic.

As reported in a company release, here’s what parents are saying about the new normal when it comes to snacking:

  • Snack time! Three out of four parents snack in the afternoon, and 3:45 PM is the prime time for parents' snack cravings to hit
  • Kids first, parents last: Close to nine out of 10 parents prioritize their kids' needs over their own when it comes to food and snacking. And with so much quality time together, most parents have been eating the same snacks as their kids during quarantine
  • Hide and seek? More like hide and snack! When parents do take the time to make a snack for themselves, nearly nine out of 10 agree that if they eat a snack in front of their kids, their kids will want to eat it, too! And while sharing is caring, it's no surprise nearly eight out of 10 parents hide or disguise snacks to keep their kids from eating them sometimes. The most popular hiding spots? The top shelf (51 percent), bedroom (48 percent) and car (28 percent)
  • Top snacking locations: Almost half of parents snack in front of the TV or on the couch. Many parents eat directly from the fridge (55 percent) and scarf down a treat while muted on a conference call (52 percent)
  • Snack break: With new routines, parents are finding snack breaks when and where they can, quickly grabbing leftovers from another meal (65 percent), snagging a store-bought snack (65 percent) or eating whatever is about to go bad in the fridge (58 percent)
  • Give mom a [snack] break: Moms are most likely to grab a snack because of boredom (50 percent), hunger (44 percent) or stress (40 percent), while dads are most likely to snack because of hunger (39 percent), happiness (36 percent) or excitement (34 percent)

It's a multipurpose remedy: a treat when happy, a stress-reliever when overwhelmed, an energy boost for kid-wrangling, and a pick-me-up when boredom hits. Although three out of four parents say they care about being more "mindful" about their eating habits, only one out of four feel they're hitting this goal. Preparing a nutritious snack using Wasa crispbreads is an easy way for parents to slow down a bit and mindfully enjoy a snack that's more than good because they're good for you and good for the planet.

Wasa® recently revealed a study to uncover how snacking habits have changed among U.S. consumers

"I love that Wasa crispbreads are made with simple, nourishing ingredients and have the perfect crunch to satisfy that craving,” Youkilis continued. “They're also great with just about any topping! One of my favorite things to add to the crispbreads is hummus – it comes in so many different flavors so it's easy to keep my snack routine fresh, and it adds some additional plant-based protein from the chickpeas to help me feel satisfied and full. I also like to put my own spin on avocado toast, topping Wasa crispbreads with some fresh avocado and a drizzle of olive oil for good fat and extra flavor. Another one of my go-tos is raw fermented sauerkraut for some good probiotics."

Wasa's survey found flavor is the most popular driver behind parent's snack decisions (at 60 percent), followed by:

  • Good source of fiber (41 percent)
  • Little to no added sugar (41 percent)
  • A clean label (34 percent)
  • A good texture (32 percent)

Wasa offers varieties that check all the boxes. Simply put, these crackers are more than good with wholesome ingredients to fuel whatever a parent's day throws their way. Nearly two out of three parents state they are so busy that it is hard to prioritize positive eating habits. Wasa crispbreads are the snack parents need to fuel their busy days and enjoy a satisfying moment just for themselves.

For more exciting snacking news in the specialty sector, keep clicking back to Deli Market News.