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New U.S. Retail Listings Set to Give Sales of Somerdale International Cheese a Boost

New U.S. Retail Listings Set to Give Sales of Somerdale International Cheese a Boost

Monday, July 20th, 2020

American access to a bolstered at-home cheese platter just got elevated with the prowess of British experience, adding a little more of the world to their plates. Somerdale International, based out of Wellington in Somerset, England, has announced a 700-store U.S. expansion to its distribution network.

Alan Jenkins, Director, Somerdale International“The U.S. is our most important international market, and we are delighted to have secured additional listings for our branded and customer-label British cheeses in a number of America’s leading retailers,” commented Alan Jenkins, Director. “Despite issues such as COVID-19 and the additional tariffs currently being imposed on foods coming into the U.S., we believe that there is still a great opportunity to build sales of British cheese. We’re certainly encouraged by the level of engagement we’re currently having with both existing and new customers who are looking at developing their cheese offers moving forward. Indeed, what is very clear is that despite the various headwinds currently impacting on the market, American consumers’ love affair with British cheese is set to continue.”

That long distance love has come a lot closer to home via Kroger and Publix, both of which will start stocking a range of great tasting British cheeses made by some of the U.K.’s finest, award-winning, family-run cheesemakers. The availability will be during August and September, making for a fine finale to the summer.

Somerdale International has announced a 700-store U.S. expansion to its distribution network

Over 400 Kroger stores located across the U.S. will enhance an already strong British cheese offering, according to a press release, as will over 300 major Publix stores across Florida and a number of other southeastern states.

Kroger’s offerings will now include:

  • Westminster Rustic Red: A cheese that combines sweet, nutty, caramelised notes with a little savory bite
  • Westminster Smoked Cheddar: Naturally smoked over rustic oak chips and aged for over 12 months, retaining creamy mouth-watering taste while offering a hint of smoke
  • Somerdale White Stilton with Apricots: Combining the finest White Stilton cheese with succulent pieces of Apricot to deliver a mild and fresh flavor, making for an excellent dessert cheese

Publix will stock the following in individually wrapped retail portions:

  • Barber’s 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar: Made by the world’s oldest surviving Cheddar-makers and represents the pinnacle of two centuries of cheesemaking. Aged for at least 24 months, it has a creamy texture and smooth finish, containing naturally occurring crystals that give it a distinctive crunch
  • Somerdale Red Dragon: Forms part of Somerdale’s ‘Heraldic’ range of specialty-blended Cheddars, featuring a creamy Cheddar carefully blended with Wholegrain Mustard Seed and a traditional Ale to provide a wonderful bite without being overpowering

The company assured these new listings will further reinforce Somerdale’s position as a leading supplier of British cheeses to the United States. Exporting to over 50 countries worldwide, this is one growing brand to certainly keep an eye on.

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