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Old Croc's David Raff Discusses IDDBA Plans

Old Croc's David Raff Discusses IDDBA Plans

Friday, May 31st, 2019

I’m a cheddar gal through and through, so it’s easy to imagine my excitement at speaking with Old Croc’s David Raff about what IDDBA attendees can expect from this Australian cheese brand.

“We’ll be showcasing our Grand Reserve Cheddar, which is a two-year-old plus aged cheddar. It has bigger, bolder flavor profile and exceptional packaging ,” David begins. “We are also introducing an Old Croc Classic Cheddar for consumers who want something rich and creamy. We will be sampling our spreadable cheddar, which can be found in stores now, which carry a clean label, non-GMO spreadable cheese that comes in two flavors: Roasted Garlic & Herb and Bacon Jalapeño. A third flavor which we’ll be introducing at IDDBA, is our sharp cheddar spread. It’s a great multi-use product. You can serve it on crackers, baked potato, or sandwiches.”

I’m already salivating as we speak on the phone, but David doesn’t stop there.

Old Croc will be showcasing its Grand Reserve Cheddar and Classic Cheddar and introducing a spreadable cheese product at IDDBA

“We’ve had great success with our Croc Bites; a cheddar cheese in an individual cracker cut snacking format. In addition to our sharp cheddar Croc Bite, we’ve recently introduced the Bacon Jalapeño and Roasted Garlic & Herb flavors” he shares.

It’s not everyday that a name strikes me as much as Croc Bites, and this is intentional. With its creative packaging that highlights the fact that Old Croc is from a different territory than anything else, it’s a stand-out product.

“Our cheeses are all made from free-grazing cows in the fields of Australia,” David explains. “Our cheese is produced during Spring, Summer and Fall when the cows are able to free graze which really helps produce a premium product”. At Old Croc, we’re dedicated to providing tasteful, wholesome grass-fed cheeses that today’s consumers desire.”

Old Croc’s cheddar is all non-GMO, RBST-free, and made from milk from grass-fed cows . To see what makes this land from down under cheese a knock-out, be sure to visit Old Croc at booth #1349. You’ll probably see a redhead snacking on some Croc Bites!

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