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Philosophy Foods Offers a Variety of Consumer Pantry Staples

Philosophy Foods Offers a Variety of Consumer Pantry Staples

Sunday, May 10th, 2020

With the future of all specialty foods categories still unfolding, January was full of companies predicting where the new decade would take us. While some trends have caught on with consumers and others are still awaiting their time to shine, Philosophy Foods’ 2020 preserved seafood prediction is finding its place in the retail spotlight as consumers tweak their buying habits because of the pandemic.

Karrie Kimble, Co-Founder of Philosophy Foods, agreed to chat with me about why products like the company’s preserved seafood goods are seeing upticks in demand at the moment.

Karrie Kimble, Co-Founder, Philosophy Foods“Shelf-stable, high quality products like our preserved seafood, Lady Goose sliced and pre-packaged meats, olives, olive oils, and dried fruits and nuts are what we’re calling the perfect pandemic products because preservation is standing out as a key theme in purchasing at the moment,” Karrie began. “Retailers are cutting down their offerings to only stock what is moving, so we’re making sure we’re pushing products that we know are going to move off of shelves. This includes our preserved seafood products like sardines, mussels, and tuna, which we think shoppers are stocking up on because they offer more bang for their buck.”

In addition to preserved seafood, Karrie detailed that Philosophy Foods’ olive brands are doing so well that the company has had to ask for another import shipment. Karrie explained that though air traffic is posing problems for imported goods, Philosophy Foods' products are still coming to the States via boat with no problems. And its imported olive oil products, including its new O-Med offering, are showcasing that shoppers are balancing their values with high quality goods.

Philosophy Foods' shelf-stable products are standing apart from perishable items as pantry staples

“Shoppers are really evaluating their spending habits at the moment, but this hasn’t meant sacrificing on purchasing items of quality,” Karrie noted. “Because consumers are cooking at home more these days, we’re also finding that this is helping our line of diverse products increase in demand.”

Currently, shelf-stable products are standing apart from perishable items as pantry staples, which Philosophy Foods is attributing to why Ziba, its line of dried fruits and nuts from Afghanistan, is another must-have item for retailers.

“Overall, we’re trying to be flexible in order to keep product moving and support our retail partners where we’re needed,” Karrie concluded.

As the supply- and buy-side landscapes continue to change in response to the ongoing pandemic, Deli Market News will continue to bring the industry the latest updates.

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