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Pine River Pre-Pack Spotlights Product Lineup; Ian Behm Shares

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

I'm Ian Behm, the President of Pine River Pre-Pack. I've been here 14 years in various roles throughout the company and have seen tremendous growth during that time. Our plant is located in Newton, Wisconsin, along the lake Michigan shoreline in between Green Bay and Milwaukee.

Ian Behm, President, Pine River Pre-PackPine River manufactures three different types of products. We have our traditional cold pack line, our shelf-stable gourmet snack spread, and also our clean-label premier products which contain no preservatives, and we offer all those products in our Pine River branded and also private label, which we manufacture for various cheese companies and distributors across the country.

The private label offerings are the same exact products you'll find in the Pine River brand, but we're able to offer them in the customers specific brand which provides a unique offering in their product line up. We offer various sizes in our cheese spread starting with our foodservice sizes at a 30 lb container all the way down to a 2.5 oz single-serve. Our most popular however, is our 8 oz container that you'll find in most local grocers all over the country.

Pine River manufactures three different types of products, including its traditional cold pack line, shelf-stable gourmet snack spread, and clean-label premier products

Our state-of-the-art plant is SQF-certified for food safety and quality, which helps us ensure that every single cup that goes out our door meets our high standards.

Pine Rivers cold pack cheese spreads are the most awarded cheese spread in the world. We are very proud of that, but it all starts with the Grade-A cheddar that we use in every single batch.

We age the cheese out for at least nine months prior to use. After that, we combined it with other dairy ingredients as we add it to our large mixers. We follow a traditional cold pack standard practice. Same one we used when the company was founded. After the product is fully mixed, it's then pumped over to our packaging lines where we run an automated holmatic cup machine.

The company’s state-of-the-art plant is SQF-certified for food safety and quality, which helps  ensure that every single cup that goes out the door meets its high standardsThe product is filled to its exact weight and from there it gets sealed, lidded, passes through our metal detection, gets its labels, and then runs into the case packer. After that, the product is sent out to our warehouse to be cooled. And then from there, it's distributed nationwide to our customers and consumers.

We love to offer different uses for our cheeses. [In] the foodservice industry, there's various opportunities where you can use our product anywhere you use natural cheese, whether it's in scrambled eggs, a baked potato, or a hot soup. It adds a lot of flavor and a lot of cheesy goodness to any dish.

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