President Trump to Terminate NAFTA, Enter Agreement with Mexico

President Trump to Terminate NAFTA, Enter Agreement with Mexico

Monday, August 27th, 2018

In recent months, there have been a lot of moving pieces on the trade front. While NAFTA discussions have swirled, it seems as though the dust is finally setting, as President Trump reaches a conclusion to the North American trading saga. Trump has introduced the United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, an agreement that excludes Canada.

According to AP News, Trump has referred to NAFTA as a job-killing“disaster.” Moving forward, Trump will work on the U.S.’s agreement with its southern neighbor and has plans to meet with its northern neighbor.

Donald Trump, President, United States of America

“We are starting negotiations with Canada pretty much immediately,” Trump said, according to Fox News.

The U.S. and Canada are both looking forward to ushering the trade agreements along.

Chrystia Freeland, Foreign Affairs Minister, Canada

“Canada is encouraged by the continued optimism shown by our negotiating partners,” Chrystia Freeland, Minister for Canada’s Foreign Affairs, said Monday, according to Fox. “Progress between Mexico and the United States is a necessary requirement for any renewed NAFTA agreement.”

President Trump is calling for an end to the North American Free Trade Agreement, introducing its replacement, The United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, which excludes Canada

As the two northern countries inch toward their own agreement, Trump has threatened to tax Canadian auto imports to add pressure to the relationship and move the deal forward.

As the U.S. and Mexico trade agreement takes shape, how will talks with Canada pan out? Deli Market News will keep you informed as the agreements come to fruition.