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Real Phat Foods Highlights Vision and Products

Real Phat Foods Highlights Vision and Products

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

The ability to combine delicious food with a nutritious ingredient list is much more rare than many might assume—speaking for myself as a consumer, a trade news writer working across the specialty foods space, and a healthy eating advocate. When I came across Real Phat Foods and its vision for flavorful and healthy food, the skeptic emerged but soon receded into the fan that I now am.

Tasha Pennington, Founder and CEO, Real Phat Foods“Like most mamas out there, my world was rocked—in the BEST way possible—when my little cubs were born. I started to care like never before about what we were putting into our bodies. Finding out my daughter had a severe dairy allergy pushed it to another level of action,” Tasha Pennington, Founder and CEO, shares with me. “The research reports became my daily sustenance and studying nutrition labels was top of mind. I began learning about the ways that food can either heal or harm us. The cleaner we ate, focusing on whole foods, cutting out preservatives, additives, sugar, and grains, and increasing our intake of healthy fats—the better we felt and the healthier we became. My energy increased significantly, I lost that brain fog and my kiddos were calmer and more engaged.”

The business started as a part-time passion project in Tasha’s own kitchen, where she hand-made and delivered every order until it took on a life of its own. Within three months of launching the company, she was on retail shelves and has experienced exponential growth. The company’s main portfolio consists of Phat Breads, Phat Crackers, and Phat Bombs (for those with a sweet tooth like me).

Real Phat Foods' main portfolio consists of Phat Breads, Phat Crackers, and Phat Bombs

“Real Phat Foods was born out of a desire to help others live healthier lives by giving them convenient, delicious options made from real food that truly nourishes and fuels the body and brain,” Tasha reflects, looking back at the origin of the company. “We are driven by consumer demand and input. People are beginning to pay close attention to the powerful impact that food has on their health and have really created a need for wholesome consumer packaged goods (CPG) options. Having access to alternatives to ‘conventional’ snacks and staples, significantly lowers the barriers to success of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and guilt-free indulgence.”

Real Phat Foods works with retail partners to address their target markets and consumers who want or need to eat a low-carb diet free of grains, sugar, and additives/preservatives.

Real Phat Foods products are clean label, made with real food, and the team is meticulous about the quality of ingredients they use in every product

“There are so few ready-made, convenient options on the market. We create clean, delicious, nutritious food that fills that gap,” Tasha says. “We differentiate our product offering and providing consumers with multiple sales channels and options combining e-commerce, brick and mortar locations through our retail partnerships, and foodservice options through partnerships with restaurants, cafés, and cafeterias.”

Real Phat Foods products are clean label, made with real food, and Tasha and her team are meticulous about the quality of ingredients they use. They are 100 percent grain-free, making them also naturally gluten-free. They are naturally sweetened without sugar and very low-carb, making them keto- and diabetic-friendly as well.

Real Phat Foods is working toward 100 percent of its ingredients being organic and more sustainable packaging options

“The real trick is that they are also truly delicious. They’re not just ‘good for a low-carb, grain-free product,’ they’re just good...period,” she says with a smile. “We don’t compromise on our guarantees. For example, when developing new products, we don’t even entertain any ingredients or formula changes that don’t fit our guidelines.”

Currently, Tasha and her team are working toward 100 percent of their ingredients being organic and are also actively working toward being more environmentally-friendly by finding more sustainable packaging options.

Her goals are lofty and her execution on point—all elements of a great partner and an impactful CPG differentiator. Keep checking back with Deli Market News for more on Real Phat Foods and other companies innovating in the specialty foods space!

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