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Reports: KFC to Lean Into Plant-Based Hype

Reports: KFC to Lean Into Plant-Based Hype

Friday, May 31st, 2019

Colonel Sanders could soon be waving the meatless meat flag, after Seeking Alpha reported KFC is interested in testing plant-based products. Should KFC take the leap and deem companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible™ as positive trends with consumers, the fried chicken chain would join the likes of Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Burger King, and more.

Kevin Hochman, U.S. President, KFC“We don’t see chicken as a big trend right now,” Kevin Hochman, U.S. President, revealed to CNN Business. “But we are definitely looking at it in earnest and meeting with the big suppliers of alternative proteins to understand the market and where it’s headed…[if plant-based poultry] gets more and more mainstream and we think it’s right for our customers, we certainly would test it.”

KFC is interested in testing plat-based products produced by companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible™

Agreeing to test vegan-friendly fare is already leaps and bounds ahead of fast food giant McDonald’s. As we reported on our sister site AndNowUKnow, McDonald's appears to be uncharacteristically hesitant to expand its U.S. offerings to include meatless meat, despite its international locations already serving up vegan takes on its meaty staples.

Will KFC's signature buckets soon be filled with finger licking' good plant-based protein? Deli Market News will continue to report.