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SaltWorks® Highlights Exclusive Product

SaltWorks® Highlights Exclusive Product

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

The spice of life now has a new artisan spin on it with the help of a groundbreaking specialty foods company, SaltWorks®. With the popularity of its Fusion® Black Garlic Sea Salt, the company has stepped up its game and recently won the Specialty Food Association’s 2020 sofi™ Awards' gold award in the Seasonings and Spices category.

Mark Zoske, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SaltWorks®“We are honored to learn our Fusion Black Garlic Sea Salt has won the gold award,” said Founder and CEO, Mark Zoske. “I’ve been personally sourcing and selling salt for the last twenty years and I continue to be inspired and humbled working in this industry. It’s always a proud moment when our products receive this kind of recognition.”

The sofi™ Award winners were selected through a blind tasting process from a group of 1,800 entries from around the U.S. by a panel of expert industry judges.

While I would like to say that there is literal magic happening behind the SaltWorks process, the Fusion Black Garlic Sea Salt item was actually created by the company’s proprietary “fusion” process that bonds real ingredients to each sea salt crystal. This results in a sea salt where every grain has a punch of flavor without the use of additives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients, according to a press release.

SaltWorks® Fusion® Black Garlic Sea Salt recently won the Specialty Food Association’s 2020 sofi™ Awards' gold award in the Seasonings and Spices category

Fusion Black Garlic Sea Salt brings a unique aroma and robust flavor, combining the finest black garlic with all-natural sea salt, according to a press release. Additionally, the product offers deep, sweet notes reminiscent of balsamic vinegar, and an umami-packed experience ideal for anything from deviled eggs to roasted vegetables or steak.

SaltWorks’ salts are available in a variety of grain sizes, textures, and flavors to suit every culinary application. SaltWorks stands apart from the competition with its passion, constant innovation, proprietary technology, and meticulous attention to detail.

Sprinkle a little SaltWorks into your specialty foods department and let the magic happen!