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Sargento® Foods Introduces Reserve Series™ Slices to Make the Everyday Gourmet

Sargento® Foods Introduces Reserve Series™ Slices to Make the Everyday Gourmet

Monday, May 18th, 2020

Sometimes all it takes to elevate a plate is some high-quality, gourmet cheese. Sargento® Foods is expanding its Reserve Series™ product line—now available in new slices.

John Stanwood, Senior Marketing Manager, Sargento® Foods“We’ve found that consumers love gourmet cheeses and the convenience of slices, so we’re bringing the best of both worlds together to elevate their everyday meals in a convenient new form,” said John Stanwood, Senior Marketing Manager. “With the launch of Reserve Series Slices, adding delicious, specialty cheeses to your sandwiches and burgers has never been easier; anyone can create their favorite dishes and enjoy the gourmet flavor profiles."

Reserve Series Slices are 100 percent real, natural cheeses offering rich, savory flavors that allow anyone to become a gourmet chef or cheese aficionado. Sargento’s Reserve Series line also includes off-the-block aged shreds available in sophisticated flavors.

Sargento Foods is expanding its Reserve Series™ product line to include savory, rich flavors like Fresh Asiago, Aged Gouda, and Aged White Cheddar

With consumers experimenting more with the foods they love, the launch of these new products offers delicious flavors that allow anyone at home to replicate their favorite gourmet restaurant meals in an easy way, stated the press release. Some of these flavors are aged to perfection and some are specialty cheeses that are now conveniently available pre-sliced in the dairy aisle.

Chef Ulrich Koberstein, Director of Culinary, Sargento® Foods“Now more than ever, people are looking for more convenience and simplicity in the kitchen without compromising taste,” said Chef Ulrich Koberstein, Director of Culinary. “The Reserve Series Slices allow those at home to bring gourmet flavor into the comforts of their kitchen by enhancing easy, everyday favorites like fresh sandwiches or burgers on the grill.”

The Reserve Series Slices come in three unique, delicious flavor options:

  • Sargento® Reserve Series™ Sliced Fresh Asiago Natural Cheese
  • Sargento® Reserve Series™ Sliced Aged Gouda Natural Cheese
  • Sargento® Reserve Series™ Sliced Aged White Natural Cheddar Cheese

Sargento’s new Reserve Series Slices can be found at retailers nationwide in the dairy section.

While our industry continues to innovate and create delicious and new possibilities, keep checking back to Deli Market News as we follow the newswire.