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Savannah Bee Company Launches Hot Honey; Ted Dennard Comments

Savannah Bee Company Launches Hot Honey; Ted Dennard Comments

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Sedona, Arizona, holds a fond memory for me. It was a little stop on the way to see the Grand Canyon and the Red Rocks—not to mention the Sedonuts donut shop. Now, Sedona will mean another thing to me: Hot Honey. Savannah Bee Company recently launched its latest product, and I have to admit, my charcuterie board and pizzas won’t look the same again.

Ted Dennard, Founder, Savannah Bee Company“Savannah Bee Company didn't invent honey, but we have elevated honey to a level that nobody knew could be achieved. Now we've done the same thing with our new hot honey!” Ted Dennard, Founder, commented. “It starts with the finest low country wildflower honey. We add in some scotch bonnet pepper that we source from Jamaica, and then it all comes together to make delicious honey with a kick!”

The hot honey trend has skyrocketed in recent years. I first got introduced to this concept while eating pizza, and I was hooked. Now that I’ve built a few charcuterie boards myself, honey has become a focal point.

Savannah Bee Company recently launched its latest product: Hot Honey

Making my own spicy honey at home is easy, but the convenience and flavor profile that Savannah Bee Company brings to the jar is something your shoppers will want to try for a convenient and easy take right in their kitchens.

Consumers seeking out a new experience or texture to spice up their home cooking and entertaining experience will immediately be drawn to the sweet concoction that will play across their palates and boards. Made with sweet wildflower honey as the base, heat from scotch bonnet and habanero peppers blend together to create the perfect mix of sweet and spicy.

This product combines wildflower honey with scotch bonnet and habanero peppers to create some sweet heat

Both Kosher and gluten-free, this delectable product is a specialty impulse purchase shoppers would be eager to pair with chicken, pizza, vanilla ice cream, cocktails, and cheese boards—and that’s just the beginning. Savannah’s new Hot Honey is sold in 12 oz jars for $18.00, and I know I would add more than just one jar to the cart.

Spicy curations are only continuing to rise in popularity, so answer the call with Deli Market News.

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