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Shaft's Cheese & Co. Spotlights Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives; Andrea Whitfield Shares

Friday, September 22nd, 2023

Today, we are bringing you exclusive details surrounding a coveted specialty offering. Shaft’s Cheese & Co.’s blue cheese stuffed olives bring flavor, quality, and simplicity to the specialty sector, and trust us when we say there are prime opportunities in store when it comes to merchandising this enticing product.

Andrea Whitfield, Marketing Director, Shaft's Cheese & Co.“People often ask us, ‘What’s the big difference between your stuffed olives and all the other brands out there?’” begins Andrea Whitfield, Marketing Director for Shaft’s Cheese. “We love this question. It's a simple product, really—olive and blue cheese—but there are a few things that really set ours apart.”

Andrea goes on, listing quality olives and specialty blue cheese as some key differentiators for the product.

“The olive is a California queen olive that has been naturally cured for 10 months in a Sicilian-style brine,” she shares. “The majority of olives go through a quick curing process of less than two weeks. Our olives take time to develop [their] flavor.”

Shaft’s Cheese & Co.’s blue cheese stuffed olives feature high-quality olives that are naturally cured for 10 months in a Sicilian-style brine, paired with 100 percent blue cheese

Similar to the company’s high-quality olives, Shaft’s Cheese’s blue cheese is also aged for over a year.

“Our cheese is creamy and full-flavored, and the olives are stuffed with 100 percent blue cheese. Most other stuffed olives have blue cheese that is mixed with some type of cheese that helps keep the blue cheese in the olive and not floating around in the brine… Ours have no brine and are refrigerated, which helps keep the crispness of the olive and the full flavor of the blue cheese,” Andrea continues.

Dive into the exclusive video above to find out more about this coveted product.

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