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SoChatti Closes $2.2 Million Series A Funding and Additional $950,000 Bank Financing

SoChatti Closes $2.2 Million Series A Funding and Additional $950,000 Bank Financing

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

SoChatti is making moves, and the industry is taking notice. The company revealed that is has closed $2.2 million in a series A offering, with an additional $950,000 in traditional bank financing.

Matt Rubin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SoChatti"The overwhelming consumer response to SoChatti chocolate signaled that we've cracked a code when it comes to flavor preservation," Founder and CEO Matt Rubin stated. "We've been able to capture and produce chocolate flavor that doesn't degrade over time in a way that was previously impossible and unheard of in the industry. What's most exciting is that what we've been able to prove with chocolate is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shelf-stable flavor that doesn't require preservatives."

Another one of those big moves the company has made recently is the shift into a new 12,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Indianapolis' Circle City Industrial Complex. This strategy supports the company’s production expansion of innovative chocolate products tenfold as it grows its DTC distribution and retail presence, according to a press release.

SoChatti, an artisanal chocolate company, has closed a 2.2-million-dollar investment in a series A offering

The new facility has adapted a space dedicated to R&D in order to focus on the expansion into other future food and beverage categories as well. Additional company milestones include the launch of SoChatti To Go, a snack-sized, .8 oz counterpart to the company's original 8 oz meltable, 72 percent dark chocolate product made with only three ingredients.

Bob Kirch, Managing Partner, Kirch Equity Investments"As consumers have increasingly turned to online shopping during COVID-19, SoChatti chocolate is uniquely positioned to deliver the outstanding natural flavors of the chocolate and to travel through any type of supply chain," said Bob Kirch, Former CEO of Caito Foods and now Managing Partner, Kirch Equity Investments, and a company investor.

The SoChatti experience includes a groundbreaking proprietary flavor preservation method that captures and maintains the best flavors of chocolate and packages it to be eaten in melted form.

Ryan Rans, Managing Partner, Great Lakes Capital "Not only is the chocolate the best I've ever tasted, but there are some very exciting things on the horizon for SoChatti from a growth perspective," said Ryan Rans, Managing Partner of Great Lakes Capital, and a company investor as well. "SoChatti has developed some fantastic new technologies in food that pave the way for continued innovation in the chocolate category and beyond."

Congrats to SoChatti on these amazing strides in the specialty foods space! The horizon has no bounds!