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Split Nutrition Reveals New Product Launches

Split Nutrition Reveals New Product Launches

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

Growing up, peanut butter and jelly was my jam. Now that I’m older, slightly wiser, and have a more expanded taste range, I love trying out new and innovative flavors. So, when I got the opportunity to try Split Nutrition, I grabbed every flavor in front of me, partly encouraged by Ali Areson, Brand and Creative Director. I was curious as to what Split had up its sleeve, and Ali sure has a story to tell.

Ali Areson, Brand and Creative Director, Split“We recently launched a sampler box containing two packs of all six flavors we offer,” Ali tells me. “It’s the first multi-flavor box we've made available to customers, and it’ll ship out directly to people. The sampler is a nice solution for those that can’t decide which flavors will be their favorite, and it’s also an easy way to test drive the varieties we offer.”

With the words ‘test drive,’ I immediately thought ‘new flavors.’ Ali affirms Split is gearing up for a new product drop in the spring that’s perfect for retail partners.

Split recently launched a new innovative product, courting consumers that love peanut butter and jelly

“In the spring, we are launching a pairing with a dark chocolate spread. We use quality ingredients, fair-trade cacao, and no added cane sugar in the chocolate spread,” Ali continues. “We’re just about to go into production, and it will be for both our peanut butter and almond butter nut spreads.”

Jeff Mahin, Co-Founder and enthusiastic bicyclist, envisioned a delicious product that was perfect for on-the-go but also nutritious for those with an active lifestyle. Mahin and Dr. Phil Goglia, a nutrition consultant for elite athletes and the Marvel Cinematic universe, conceptualized an innovative snacking phenomenon on a paper napkin.

As it looks to innovation, Split will continue to develop new flavor combinations

The product idea was then patented, and Mahin sought out Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle, Co-Founders of The Jam Stand, to be partners for Split. After hearing about the creation—and eating plenty of combinations—I couldn’t help but wonder at all the possibilities Split could have.

“We have a double-sided patent, so we do see ourselves doing private label in the future and expanding beyond peanut butter and jelly. For example, balsamic vinegar and olive oil or wasabi and soy sauce,” Ali says. “These are things that we will likely take on in the future. For now, we are focusing on PB&J. But if any retailers would like to reach out to us with any private label ideas, that is something we’re open to as well.”

Split offers a product perfect for the on-the-go consumer, especially athletes looking for a nutritional boost of energy

No artificial fillers or palm oil can be found amongst Split’s ingredient list. With only three to five real ingredients, the products are gluten-free, plant-based, and non-GMO. All consumers have to do is fold, knead, tear, and enjoy, which makes it an ideal on-the-go snacking alternative.

“We’ve actually been placed in airports across the country. It was unbelievable—we couldn’t even keep it stocked!” Ali shares with me. “I think it’s a testament to how many consumers want to have a healthy choice when they're on the move, so part of our strategy moving forward is thinking about the places where people need something convenient.”

Healthy, delicious, and convenient: the trifecta in today’s world. Split’s Cashew Butter + Sour Cherry, Almond Butter + Wild Blueberry, Almond Butter + Raspberry, Almond Butter + Strawberry, Peanut Butter + Blueberry, and Peanut Butter + Grape flavors can be found in over 1600 Whole Foods stores and on Amazon. These flavors are best paired with oatmeal, yogurts, crackers, and fresh-baked bread.

As more innovative ideas come up, Deli Market News will keep reporting on the latest.

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