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Stouffer's Unveils First-Ever Innovation

Stouffer's Unveils First-Ever Innovation

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

Have you ever wished for an endless supply of macaroni and cheese? The heart wants what the heart wants—which, for most of us on the Deli Market News team, means what our stomachs want, and our stomachs want an infinite amount of mac ’n’ cheese. Stouffer’s, though not yet powerful enough to offer an “infinite” amount, is upping the convenience of the dish with an all-new, first-ever innovation.

This innovation is taking the shape of a never-before-seen “Mac on Tap”—which is exactly what it sounds like! The Mac on Tap is a dispenser delivering the creamy, cheesy goodness of Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese straight from the tap, according to a press release.

Stouffer's is upping the convenience of macaroni and cheese with an all-new, first-ever innovation: Mac on Tap

The Mac on Tap was created with convenience top of mind and thus, all consumers have to do to enjoy a bowl of Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese is pull the innovation’s lever. The company touts the Mac on Tap as a fun new way to dole out the classic dish.

The launch of Mac on Tap coincides with National Mac & Cheese Day on July 14, with Stouffer’s on the hunt for where it should officially debut its new iconic offering. In addition, the company is kicking off a marketing campaign in which mac ’n’ cheese enthusiasts can share their grate ideas by tagging @stouffers on social media to have their mac dreams come true.

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