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SuckerPunch Talks Product Portfolio; Chase Coleman Details

SuckerPunch Talks Product Portfolio; Chase Coleman Details

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

As a certified pickler, you know I have some serious stipulations for what makes a good pickle product. SuckerPunch seems to have the winning combo of crunch, flavor, and creativity in its brand portfolio. With a diverse range of products, the company ensures that retailers have the necessary goods to tempt today’s pickle-obsessed.

Chase Coleman, Marketing Director, SuckerPunch“We have products for every occasion during the day,” began Chase Coleman, Marketing Director, in an exclusive quote sent to Deli Market News. “From Pickle Jars that are a perfect compliment to your BBQ, to Snack Packs that are great, low-calorie snacks while on-the-go, to our Pickle Juice Shooters that reduce cramps and help all athletes stay hydrated, SuckerPunch Pickles are the perfect compliment to your day.”

There are a wide variety of products to choose from, such as:

  • SuckerPunch Pickle Juice Shooters
  • SuckerPunch Bloody Mary and Margarita Mixers
  • SuckerPunch Pickle Jars
  • SuckerPunch Pickle Pouch Snack Packs

With a diverse range of products, SuckerPunch ensures that retailers have the necessary goods to tempt today’s pickle-obsessed shoppers“We pride ourselves on packing every pickle with flavor that you can see with our 11-spice blend and maintaining the quality of each pickle by using slightly smaller cucumbers than our competitors," Coleman continued. "We don’t believe in using additives, which comes through in every single product we offer. My favorite part about our pickles is seeing the spices within the jars—in our Spicy Garlic Pickles, you can actually pull out a clove of garlic and the peppers inside the jar, leaving you with no question as to where the flavor comes from. My favorite product is our Pickle Juice Shooters, which is actual pickle juice, but we removed some vinegar to make the taste less bold and infused key electrolytes to hydrate athletes of all levels.”

For me and my pickleball team, that’s a must-have!

Made from organic cucumbers grown in Mexico and Texas, SuckerPunch pickle products are healthy, delicious, and bring that must-have crunch. Seems like the ultimate pickle to me.