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Sysco Releases Foodservice Holiday Tool Kit

Sysco Releases Foodservice Holiday Tool Kit

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

I can hardly believe that the holidays are upon us once more, and everyone in the industry is battening down the hatches in preparation. Sysco is one such industry partner ensuring success of the supply chain, as the company recently added its Holiday Toolkit to its Foodie Solutions platform.

The Holiday Toolkit is the latest in a series of carefully curated tools to help foodservice operators respond quickly to shifting business requirements and trends resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brian Todd, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing, Sysco“The 2020 holiday season will certainly look different than in previous years,” said Brian Todd, Sysco’s Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing. “Our Holiday Toolkit offers business solutions our customers need to drive new revenue streams, support their operational profitability, and deliver holiday cheer to their guests.”

According to a statement, this helpful resource offers innovative ideas that are simple to execute, generating additional revenues and providing guests with restaurant-quality solutions for easy gift-giving and holiday meals.

Some of the easy-to-execute ideas include:

  • Unique takeout offerings, such as charcuterie and cheese boards with wine pairings
  • Take-and-make meal kits paired with a virtual cooking class
  • Cocktail kits
  • Pies to-go

This most recent toolkit helps foodservice operators who are adapting their businesses to accommodate local social distancing guidelines, social gatherings, and an increase in to-go orders without sacrificing the consistent, high-quality products, and service that guests have grown accustomed to receiving.

Sysco announced the addition of a Holiday Toolkit to help foodservice operators respond quickly to shifting business requirements and trends resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to the Holiday Toolkit, Sysco’s Foodie Solutions resources include:

    • Virtual Kitchens – Recommendations for serving guests solely through online and phone orders without a brick-and-mortar concept or dining room
    • Grab & Go Foods - A guide to offering pre-made meals and signature dishes
    • Family Style Meal Kits – Solutions to help guests save time and enjoy an at-home experience
    • Patio Dining - Strategies to revamp the outdoor dining experience for guests

On top of these resources, Sysco customers will also receive exclusive value-added services through Sysco’s iCARE partner program and Sysco Marketing Concierge, which provide exclusive services and resources such as menu services, QR codes, and access to helpful webinars. More information about Foodie Solutions can be found on the Sysco Foodie website.

With industry partners like Sysco at our back, the future seems a little less daunting. Keep checking with Deli Market News as we continue to cover the latest.