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Terrapin Ridge Farms Debuts Packaged Holiday Giftsets 2021; Mary O'Donnell Discusses

Terrapin Ridge Farms Debuts Packaged Holiday Giftsets 2021; Mary O'Donnell Discusses

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Terrapin Ridge Farms’ Holiday Giftsets are here for the 2021 holiday season, ready to deck the halls and the grocery aisles. This is a first for the company, marking its success in meeting consumer demand no matter the season.

Mary O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Terrapin Ridge Farms“Our customers have been asking for giftsets from us for years now,” commented Mary O’Donnell, the Owner and the Chief Executive Officer of Terrapin Ridge Farms, regarding the company’s upcoming seasonal launch of the much-anticipated Holiday Giftsets. “We are delighted to offer them this year!”

The giftsets are available to purchase September 28, 2021, and include:

Gourmet Stocking Stuffer Giftset

Ready to gift as is, the three-pack mini gift set is ideal as a stocking stuffer and as a fun appreciation gift. The set includes three of Terrapin’s most popular flavors, including Hot Pepper Bacon Jam, Blueberry Bourbon & Pecan Jam, and Raspberry Honey Mustard

Charcuterie Lover Giftset

These gift sets are terrific for easy appetizers or adding excitement to any meal. Wrapped in holiday packaging, there are two variations of the set: Pecan Honey Mustard Set with Hot Pepper Bacon Jam and Pecan Honey Mustard, and the Dill Pickle Mustard Set with Apple Maple Bacon Jam and Dill Pickle Mustard

Terrapin Ridge Farms’ has announced its Holiday Giftsets are here for the 2021 holiday season, launching September 28

Grab and Go Giftsets

These sets are ideal for customers to Grab and Go right to the holiday party. Variations include the Grab and Go Raspberry Honey Mustard Set with Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip and Braided pretzel twists, the Grab and Go Hatch Chile Bacon Ranch Set with Hatch Chile Bacon Ranch Dip and Braided Pretzel Twists, the Grab and Go Onion Blossom Set with Onion blossom horseradish dip and Braided Pretzel Twists, and the Grab and Go Blueberry Set with Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam and Chocolate Pretzels

Squeeze Lover Stocking Stuffer

This is an easy and unique stocking stuffer for sauce lovers everywhere. The 2 Pack Squeeze Set includes Spicy Chipotle Squeeze and Everything Aioli Squeeze

All You Can Squeeze Caddy Set

Perfect for both the person that loves to cook and enjoys using a new sauce every day, as well as the novice chef that only needs to know how to open and squeeze to create a delicious sandwich or meal. The 4 Pack Squeeze Caddy includes Spicy Chipotle Squeeze, Everything Aioli Squeeze, Bacon Aioli Squeeze, and Buffalo Ranch Squeeze

Anyone feeling hungry? Be sure to keep Terrapin Ridge products nearby as you begin raking in holiday sales this season.

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