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Terrapin Ridge Farms Unveils New Flavors

Terrapin Ridge Farms Unveils New Flavors

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Though the food trends in today’s market seem to change with the seasons, flavor and quality remain steadfast in their spots at the top of consumer demands. Though it has tapped into the convenience market with its garnishing squeeze line, Terrapin Ridge Farms is one of our industry’s preeminent specialty foods operators working hard to ensure its high-end, on-the-go condiments receive tens across the board in the flavor and quality departments.

Mary O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Terrapin Ridge Farms“Our garnishing squeeze line is very popular with consumers because we’ve combined a lot of crucial elements consumers are looking for these days,” Mary O’Donnell, CEO and Owner, shared with me. “We offer 11 options, each boasting different delicious flavor profiles that are unique and interesting yet familiar. With this line, we also wanted to change up the model of condiments in jars, which tend to sit in refrigerators unused. As a result, our squeeze line taps into a different mentality centered around ease-of-use—emphasis on use.”

In addition to standouts like Everything Aioli, Buffalo Ranch Aioli, and Pesto Aioli, Terrapin Ridge Farms recently launched a Coconut Curry Aioli and a Harissa Aioli. Both of the new flavors build on the eye-catching quality of the lineup as a whole. Mary explained that the format of the squeeze line intrigues consumers so much that they buy multiple flavors at a time, with the new additions only further piquing interest from their place on retail shelves.

Terrapin Ridge Farms' garnishing squeeze line is a convenient addition to deli and cheese counters, since each flavor complements cheese, bread, and meats

“Because consumers are adding more flavors to their shopping cart because they want to try each one, we’re selling our garnishing squeezes exponentially. And no one else in the market offers a similar plastic squeeze format with the unique flavor profiles we provide,” Mary continued. “We are always looking for inspiration for new flavors and ingredients. We like to play with different flavor fusions in order to make our garnishes super high quality and taste delicious.”

Because the garnishes have already found their niche in shopping carts, Mary revealed that Terrapin Ridge Farms is now working to expand the reach of its products. As an easy addition to any charcuterie board or picnic basket, I’m thinking the squeeze’s rightful place could be retailers’ deli and cheese counters, and Mary agreed.

Terrapin Ridge Farms offers 11 different flavors in its garnishing squeeze line, each boasting different delicious flavor profiles that are unique and interesting

“Our squeeze line is such a natural addition to deli and cheese counters. We also offer savory jams, sauces, and mustards that fit right in with the accoutrements we love to put on our cheese and charcuterie boards,” Mary said. “Each of our products complement cheese, bread, and meats so well, which is why we believe Terrapin Ridge Farms’ products are a standout at retail.”

As Terrapin Ridge Farms continues to broaden the scope of its high-quality and delicious innovations, Deli Market News will keep its eyes peeled on the horizon—because this company is undeniably on the cusp of a consumer takeover.

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