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Tyson Foods Sells Missouri Facility to Cal-Maine Foods; Sherman Miller Shares

Tyson Foods Sells Missouri Facility to Cal-Maine Foods; Sherman Miller Shares

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

A Tyson Foods facility whose closure was announced in the summer of 2023 will see new life in the hands of egg producer Cal-Maine Foods. The latter announced it had recently acquired the plant, which had employed about 683 people, according to Reuters.

Sherman Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cal-Maine Foods“Following the end of the second quarter, we announced a definitive agreement to acquire from Tyson Foods a recently closed broiler processing plant, hatchery, and feed mill located in Dexter, Missouri. We expect to complete the acquisition in our third fiscal quarter and to repurpose the assets for use in egg and egg products production. We look forward to the opportunities to leverage the added production and distribution capabilities and reach more customers in Missouri and surrounding markets,” Sherman Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cal-Maine Foods, commented in the company’s Q2 Fiscal 2024 report.

Cal-Maine did not disclose the value of the deal with Tyson along with its timeline, but did say it expects to enter into agreements with some of Tyson’s former contract farmers and convert their operations to support its egg production.

Cal-Maine Foods has announced its acquisition of a former Tyson Foods facility

With clear plans to make additional investments both in the personnel numbers as well as the plant itself, this story is one Deli Market News expects to develop. Keep an eye out as we continue to report on all the latest in and around the industry.

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