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Volpi Foods Launches New Look, Introducing New Website and Packaging

Volpi Foods Launches New Look, Introducing New Website and Packaging

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

Sometimes all you need in life is a little revamp to make you feel like an entirely new person ready to continue conquering the world. The same can be said about companies, which is why Volpi Foods has revealed it will be introducing a new website and packaging for its 119-year-old specialty cured meats brand.

Lorenza Pasetti, Chief Executive Officer, Volpi Foods“We have been developing this new look for our brand over the last few years,” said CEO Lorenza Pasetti. “It emphasizes our family history and dedication to quality and speaks to long-time Volpi customers, as well as the new audience of charcuterie consumers who may be trying our products for the first time. Volpi Foods has been family cured and crafted since 1902. We work closely with local farms to source all-natural ingredients that are always fresh and never frozen. We utilize family recipes passed down through generations and a proven small batch process for a delicious taste experience. In order to convey each message through our packaging, we have developed new icon markers to communicate these fundamental pillars of our brand in an easy to digest, approachable way for all shoppers.”

The fourth-generation family-owned company has revealed a new look that brings to life the family cured and crafted brand, highlighting the history of Volpi. The company notes that the updated branding will be rolled out across grocery stores nationwide over the next few weeks.

Volpi Foods announced its latest rebrand, revamping its packaging and rolling out a new website

The packaging will feature a new, strong blue color and icons to signify all-natural ingredients, the small batch and slow aged processes, and products with no nitrates or nitrites added that are gluten-free. Additionally, the packaging will spotlight Volpi’s Raised Responsibly™ initiative to source fresh pork from the Midwest, raised with no steroids ever, no gestation crates, and fed a primarily vegetarian diet.

New product icons also highlight award-winning products as well as Volpi’s transition to paper-based packaging, Eco Pack, that uses 70 percent less plastic than standard deli packs.

This rebrand and newly updated website aims to expand Volpi’s consumer base by appealing to a broader range of consumers interested in exploring dry cured meats. Volpi’s products are currently available in retailers like Trader Joes, Publix, Schnucks, Hy-Vee, and Albertsons.

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