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Wegmans to Expand With New Stores in Six East Coast Cities

Wegmans to Expand With New Stores in Six East Coast Cities

Thursday, November 30th, 2023

Did someone say retail expansion? You bet we did! Wegmans is rapidly accelerating its growth in the East Coast market, broadening its presence with the introduction of six new locations in the region—one of which opened just a couple of months ago in October.

When this announcement came across our desks, we couldn’t wait to see where the grocer is expanding its footprint next.

In addition to its latest expansion in New York, Wegmans has announced the addition of five more stores in the East Coast market

As part of its expansion plans, Wegmans pulled back the curtain on the following moves:

  • As we reported earlier, Wegmans opened a new store in Manhattan, New York, at the corner of Lafayette Street and Astor Place in October of this year
  • Another addition to the New York Wegmans locations will be in Lake Grove, marking the company’s first store on Long Island, according to MSN
  • Wegmans will also be opening its first store in Connecticut, with a location in Norwalk
  • In 2025, the company plans to open a new store in Rockville, Maryland
  • Another location is planned for Holly Springs, North Carolina, marking the grocer’s fifth Wegmans in the state
  • Last but not least, a new Wegmans location will open to customers in Yardley, Pennsylvania, in 2024

With a bunch of exciting store openings on the horizon, DMN will continue to report on this ambitious expansion and more.