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Wegmans to Hire Over 500 New Employees

Wegmans to Hire Over 500 New Employees

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Wegmans’ new Harrison, New York, store—its 102nd store location overall and the 48th in New York State—is in the process of hiring and training over 500 new employees. The hiring event supports the growth the grocer has been building along the East Coast.

Matthew Dailor, Store Manager, Wegmans“We started our hiring as of April 1,” Matthew Dailor, Store Manager, said, according to the Daily Voice Plus. “The number is in flux. We’re trying to hire over 500 so we’re always looking for good people. Currently, our folks are training in our Montvale, New Jersey, location, which is some 30 minutes away."

The Harrison location, though still under construction, is expected to amount to 121,000 square feet on a 20-acre site, which is on the larger end in terms of Wegmans' stores. The new location will also carry 70,000 items and feature one of Wegmans’ more popular amenities: the Burger Bar.

Wegmans’ 102nd store location—and the 48th in New York State—is currently hiring and training over 500 new employees

“It’s a fast, casual dining experience, so you can get burgers and shakes and fries and salads and things like that made right in front of you,” Dailor noted. “We’ll also have fresh sushi in the store every day. We’ll have our pizza shop, our sandwich shop, made-to-go-salad staion, and all of our perishable food, world-class seafoods, meats, and an amazing cheese shop. I love cheese.”

Dailor continued: “We’re on track for a spring 2020 opening. We’re currently working on our foundations. There are a lot of things that can influence construction that are out of our control…We want to keep the opening date general for a little bit longer until we have a better idea of what that looks like.”

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