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BelGioioso Introduces its New La Bottega di BelGioioso Boutique

BelGioioso Introduces its New La Bottega di BelGioioso Boutique

Monday, August 10th, 2015

BelGioioso Master Cheesemakers is introducing a new artisanal cheese boutique comprised of five exclusive cheeses called La Bottega di BelGioioso.

“BelGioioso Cheesemakers have taken their passion and craft to a new level,” Gaetano Auricchio, Vice President of Sales for BelGioioso Cheese, commented in a press release. “The La Bottega line distinguishes itself through exclusive extra aging, unique ingredients and beautifully designed labels. The ‘fatti a mano’ (handcrafted) small cuts are hand selected by our Masters and hand cut and hand wrapped to respect the flavors of the cheeses.”

According to BelGioioso, this is a unique cheeseboard collection handmade and hand selected with both passion and experience. The La Bottega is comprised of the following exclusive cheeses:


Described as fresh and spreadable with a tangy note.

American Grana®

Extra aged for 24 months with a distinct, nutty flavor.

Gorgonzola with Cow & Sheep’s Milk

A robust & crumbly blue-veined cheese made as a twist on blue with Baa & Moo.

Provolone Extra

Aged for 24 months for a sharp, buttery picante flavor.

Peperoncino® Asiago con Chili Pepper

A spicy hot, savory cheese to "ignite" the taste buds.

Each 4 ounce cut in the board is hand wrapped and specifically tailored to attracting consumer trial, as well as whole wheels for expert cutting and wrapping by in-store cheesemongers.

According to BelGioioso, La Bottega’s cheeses were created on a foundation of over 130 years of family cheesemaking tradition, with fresh, local milk, pure and simple ingredients, and the Master Cheesemakers at BelGioioso.