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Califia Farms Brings Almond Beverages And Cold Brew Coffees To Canadian Market

Califia Farms Brings Almond Beverages And Cold Brew Coffees To Canadian Market

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

The tasty profile of Califia Farms’ nutmilk has jumped ship from solely U.S.-based soil into the welcoming arms of our friendly neighbor, Canada. The company announced that its almond beverages and cold brew coffees are now in supermarkets all throughout Canada.

Greg Steltenpohl, CEO and Founder, Califia Farms“We’ve heard our northern neighbors loud and clear! Phone calls, emails, and social media requests have come in by the thousands from Canadian consumers wanting to have Califia products readily available to them,” said CEO and Founder Greg Steltenpohl. “Easy access to our delicious, plant-based beverages–no matter where in the world you are–is a key part of the Califia promise. Canada is the first logical step in our international expansion.” 

The company can now be found  in over 400 store locations, including top Canadian retailers such as Whole Foods Market, Choices, Goodness Me, Thrift Foods, Pusateri’s, and Nesters, according to a press release.

Califia Products Now Available in Canada

The company’s expansion is well-timed with the growth of nut-based beverages in the market as non-dairy beverages continue to trend in the marketplace, including Canada. Califia noted that the following facts for Canada: 

  • Sales of non-dairy alternative milks grew by 225% from 2011-2014
  • Per capita consumption of dairy milk decreased by around 21.5% from 1996-2015
  • Ready-to-drink coffees reached a 26% increase, reaching CAD69 million in 2016 

Califia stated that cold brew coffee sales in the U.S. have also reflected the consumer’s growing preference for company's selections as they achieved the number one sales position in the natural channel. The company said that its cold brew coffees outsold Starbucks in the specialty refrigerated coffee ready-to-drink channel. 

Known for its flavor and texture, Califia cultivates its beverages from whole blanched, and not roasted, California almonds. The company said that its beverages specifically appeal to today’s “millennial-minded” consumers, who look for a simpler, cleaner food with low environmental impact. 

Califia Products Now Available in Canada

The following products are now available to Canadian consumers: 

  • Unsweetened Almond Beverage
  • Original Almond Beverage
  • Vanilla Almond Beverage
  • Unsweetened Vanilla Beverage
  • XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee
  • Mocha Cold Brew Coffee

Califia has localized its iconic curvy bottle to meet all Canadian requirements, which includes bilingual label. The company emphasized that there is no difference to its ingredients or formulation.

For more information on Califia, click here.

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