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DRY Soda's Sharelle Klaus Talks Creating a New Soda Category and New Zero Sugar Line

DRY Soda's Sharelle Klaus Talks Creating a New Soda Category and New Zero Sugar Line

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Spring is one of my favorite seasons; the sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and everything is bright again. And this spring, DRY Soda Company is adding to the sweetness of the season with its new line of organic, zero-sugar sodas, on-trend with consumer demand for healthy alternatives across all grocery aisles and the perfect remedy for all of us with spring fever.

I spoke with Founder and CEO Sharelle Klaus to learn more about DRY Soda’s Co.’s latest launch, DRY Zero Sugar, and the company’s drive to fill the health holes in the beverage category.

Sharelle Klaus, Founder and CEO, DRY Soda“I started the company thirteen years ago–back when I had four young children all under the age of seven,” Sharelle tells me. “I was a total foodie and loved pairing wine with food, but because I had all the kids, I couldn’t drink for ten years. I realized that there was a gap in the non-alcoholic beverage space and that it would be amazing to elevate the soda experience with innovation. I started creating botanical flavors of sodas in my kitchen and went out to restaurants in Seattle to sell them and they all said yes! As a company, we continue to grow and are now represented in retailers nationwide. With our newest line, DRY Zero Sugar, we are continuing our trend of offering really great flavors, this time in the sugar-free space.”

Going where few soda brands have gone before, DRY Soda’s Co.’s new brand, DRY Zero Sugar, stands out on the shelf as one of the only USDA Organic and sugar-free sodas. DRY Zero Sugar is only made with 5-7 ingredients and is also kosher, gluten-free, and one of two Non-GMO Project Verified soda brands.

The DRY Zero Sugar line, available in four unique flavors

“I want to change the way people think about soda and show that it can be a more elevated opportunity with flavors and packaging to match,” Sharelle explains. “Our new line is unique because it’s organic and has really amazing flavors with a bold complexity that we worked hard to make right so that people can enjoy them.”

With no “diet” flavors thanks to the quality of ingredients in the line as a whole, DRY Zero Sugar is available in four full, unique flavors carefully crafted to please consumer palates, including:

  • Cola, classic, bold, and spicy (caffeinated)
  • Mountain Berry, reminiscent of the ripe berries found in the Pacific Northwest
  • Peach Tea, a fusion of sweet, Southern notes, made with organic black tea essence (caffeinated)
  • Island Fruit, teasing the tropical flavors we crave in summer

After previewing DRY Zero Sugar at Winter Fancy Food Show back in January, Sharelle shares that response from buyers and consumers alike has been amazing. And, Sharelle also tells me the packaging matches the caliber of the burst of flavor it contains.

DRY Zero Sugar six packs

“Branding our product was important. We asked Catalina Estrada, an internationally-celebrated artist from Spain, to put together the amazing artwork featured on DRY Zero Sugar. The artwork demonstrates the fruit and fun of the line. The packaging is so beautiful that people can enjoy the taste with their eyes,” Sharelle laughs.

Hitting retail April 1st, DRY Zero Sugar will be available in six packs priced at $5.99 to $6.99. Healthy yet flavorful, crack open a cold DRY Zero Sugar with friends this spring.

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