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Bi-Lo Makes Huge Price Cuts on Over 1,000 Items Including Meat and Dairy

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Bi-Lo Supermarkets has announced that the company has cut prices on more than 1,000 items, including fresh dairy, meat, and more in the company’s New Regular Pricing Program.

Ian McLeod, CEO, Southeastern Grocers LLC

“Research consistently tells us that customers are seeking lower prices, wherever they shop, particularly those hardworking families shopping on a budget,” said Ian McLeod, President and CEO of Southeastern Grocers in a statement. “We are listening to our customers and helping them reduce the cost of the weekly shop by lowering the prices on over 1,000 items that three out of every four customers have bought in the last month.”

According to a report from the Charleston Post Courier, the change will occur at all 182 of the chain’s stores. Price will be reduced by an average of 17 percent, with some items being reduced as much as 53 percent off the regular price. Officials from Bi-Lo also noted that he items could potentially be marked down further when they are on sale.


The reduced-price items will span every department of the supermarket, according to the Courier, including dairy, meat, produce, and dry, frozen and home goods. Shoppers will see special tagging on the lower-priced items throughout October. 

This announcement comes just a few months after fellow Southern grocery chain, Food Lion, lowered prices for its fresh foods and other programs. This took place in all 1,100 of the chains locations.

Bi-Lo Supermarkets