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$90,000 Luxury Cake Celebrates the Life of Queen Elizabeth

$90,000 Luxury Cake Celebrates the Life of Queen Elizabeth

While we may have had our differences in the past, this side of the pond still has love for Her Majesty, and one pastry chef has taken it upon himself to bake up a cake fit for a queen.

Chef Shun Li, Pastry Chef at New Orleans' Windsor Court Hotel (Photo Source: The Grill Room)

The decadent baked good holds more value than your average American car, valued at about $90,000—$1,000 for every one of the 90 years Queen Elizabeth has lived.

Chef Shun Li of New Orleans' Windsor Court Hotel created the mini dark chocolate cake, encrusted with gold and decorated with gems, according to Eater.

Here’s the breakdown for baking regal desserts:

  • Layer dark chocolate with a Cristal champagne fruit sauce of raspberries and passion fruit
  • Cover with gold-laced chocolate
  • Add gold-covered strawberries, with a “gold-dusted crunch”

 Luxury Cake (Photo Source: Eater)And don’t you dare top this off with a cherry. Not one on a stem, anyway. Her Majesty’s birthday cake gets a ruby (3.95 carats) and diamond (1.95 carats) antique ring. The setting, according to Travel and Leisure, is an 18 karat white gold.

If you didn’t notice all the gold, the entire cake comes out to about 24 karats of the precious metal. Happy 90th birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

Not enough saved up for your own costly confection? No worries, this is going to be available for three whole months!