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Boulart's Founder Michel Saillant Talks GMO-Free Bread Line

Boulart's Founder Michel Saillant Talks GMO-Free Bread Line

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

The past year has been a period of huge growth for artisan-style bread company, Boulart. Being non-GMO certified since April, 2015, I spoke with charismatic company Founder Michel Saillant about what this certification means for the company and makes Boulart so unique.

Michel Saillant, Founder, Boulart“When I founded the company in 2007, there were only two types of bread companies—the industrial bakers and the artisan bakers,” Michel tells me. “Where one had high-velocity and low-quality, the other had low-velocity and high-quality. I always said we needed another type of bakery in this world, so we started a state-of-the-art, high-velocity plant, but we replicate exactly the quality of an artisan baker.”

When I speak with Michel, it becomes clear that the man’s main focus is on the quality and health of his ingredients. Not only is the company’s 125,000-sq.-ft. production facility SQF certified with a certified organic component, the company has been proud be able to sell non-GMO certified products for nearly a full year now.


“Achieving this certification wasn't really a big deal for us,” Michel explains. “We were actually non-GMO from the founding of the company. That was our promise from the very beginning—to be clean label. As the official non-GMO certification just came to the market, now we are one of the only bakeries in North America that are 100% non-GMO verified.”

Michel tells me that the saying the company uses to explain its ingredients is a list of five things—flour, water, yeast, salt, and the only ingredient not listed on the label: the time to use slow-fermentation to achieve flavor nuances instead of chemicals that speed up the process. Transparency of labeling is a core value of the brand, so being able to provide no preservatives, additives, or added sugar is an important area of differentiation between Michel’s company and some of the bread giants you may see at the grocery store.


“Right now, the food industry is changing tremendously, and I think providing healthy, clean-label, non-GMO, and organic products helps us in putting pressure on international companies to do better,” Michel adds. “There's a lot of smaller guys like us that set the trends. We always position ourselves where the consumer is going to be, and provide good-eating, good-lifestyle, and quality.”

To learn more about Boulart’s baking processes and to see all of its mouth-watering varieties, visit


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