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Cake Boss™ Goes Nationwide with Holiday Baked Goods

Cake Boss™ Goes Nationwide with Holiday Baked Goods

Jackson, MI
Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho, the Cake Boss™ is here. He isn't just coming to town either, he's coming to Everytown, USA, this year.

Want an easy way to make your holdiay gathering a little sweeter, or more colorful for that matter? Then you might want to get your mittens on these limited edition Excellent Peppermint cupcakes and Let it Snow cakes and cupcakes, now available nationwide.

Behold, Buddy Valastro, a fourth generation baker and star of TLC's Cake Boss, imagined and executed new festive holiday cake flavors and designs for your enjoyment. 

"The holidays are a special time for mi familigia and I'm happy to be able to share a few of my favorite holiday recipes and designs with my fans," said Valastro. "This is the season for gathering to celebrate and there's nothing better than coming together for cake."

Excellent Peppermint Cupcakes

Excellent Peppermint Cupcakes

Excellent Peppermint Cupcakes are made with rich chocolate cake and topped with peppermint icing and festive chocolate curls. These cupcakes are packed with the popular holiday peppermint flavor and are perfect for any holiday gathering. 

Let It Snow Cupcakes

Let It Snow Cupcakes

Let It Snow Cupcakes will brighten any winter celebration. These cupcakes are made with delicious yellow cake and topped with rich, creamy icing and decorative snowflakes.

Let It Snow Cake

Let It Snow Cake

The Let It Snow Cake is a delicious winter treat that tastes as great as it looks. This snowflake-themed cake is made of moist yellow and velvety chocolate-layered cake married together by an indulgent layer of fudge filling. 

The cupcakes retail at $9.99 for four, and $5.99 for two. The cakes retail for $19.99 each. If you'd like to locate one (or more) of these holiday treats for yourself, you can visit the website and find out where there's a retail location nearby. There were 14 locations in our neck of the woods.


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