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Heat Causes Dough to Expand, Spill onto Freeway in Tacoma, Washington

Heat Causes Dough to Expand, Spill onto Freeway in Tacoma, Washington

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

A large truck carrying unbaked dough made some unexpected deliveries up and down Interstate 5, when traffic congestion and unusually hot weather caused the trucks cargo—waste from a nearby bakery—to leaven, bursting its plastic bags and spilling over the top of the truck into oncoming traffic.

According to a report by the Washington Post, sticky substance was spotted oozing out of the truck for miles as it made its way down the freeway—prompting speculation from other drivers and passengers. 

“Right when you think you’ve seen it all, you get dough on the freeway,” Washington State Patrol’s Public Information Officer Brooke Bova told the news source.

According to Bova, the dough was en route to a local processing plant where it would be processed and repurposed as livestock feed. The driver loaded his truck with plastic bags, as he had been doing for years, but summer heat and traffic delays surrounding a nearby military base caused the cargo to swell and seep out of the truck in basketball-sized globs.

State troopers, responding to 911 calls, scooped dough off the road and into a pickup truck, and the driver eventually took the remaining dough to the feed processing plant. 

“He was embarrassed,” Bova told the Washington Post about the driver. “He’s never seen anything like this.”

Thankfully, the dough caused no accidents and did not present a hazard for drivers, Bova added.

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