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Japanese Bakery Sells Spooky Fingers Made Out of Bread

Japanese Bakery Sells Spooky Fingers Made Out of Bread

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Each Halloween season seems to bring new and shocking methods of integrating food into our penchant for spook, and this year is certainly no different. One bakery in Japan is taking the dismembered Halloween spirit to new levels with holiday-themed "finger bread." 

Photo Source: RocketNews24

Made by Maison Kayser, RocketNews24 reported that these breaded treats are the shockingly real-looking deal. Boasting wrinkles, red icing, and an almond slice “fingernail” for an eerie finishing touch. The bread itself is light and fluffy, thankfully not how I would imagine a finger to be. 

Maison Kayser bakeries are offering this cannibalistic-type bread through Halloween on October 31 for the reasonable price of 194 yen each (or $1.87).

Photo Source: RocketNews24

Whether you need a new treat for your Halloween-themed displays, parties, or maybe a finger accessory for your costume, put bread through some new and sinister paces to stimulate your inner creative this season.