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John Wm. Macy's to Highlight New Brand at Upcoming SFFS

John Wm. Macy's to Highlight New Brand at Upcoming SFFS

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

After a thorough year spent in brand-building workshops, dialogues, and focus groups, the company behind John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks is ready to unveil it's latest creation: a new brand identity — and just in time for the year's premiere food event, the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC.

With this development, the company has a new logo along with redesigned packaging, and will now DBA John Wm. Macy's Family Bakery

John Wm. Macy Family Bakery CheeseSticks | Source:

After a branding cosultation in the spring and summer of 2015, Founder and President John Macy, and Vice President and brother Tim, became convinced that if their packaging was better able to reflect and convey the values and character of the family business, that it would be more effective in the marketplace.

John Macy, Founder and President, John Wm. Macy Family Bakery | Source: Instagram"We thought we could do a much better job reaching consumers. We think our new branding and packaging will help us do that. Since the Summer Fancy Food Show is America's largest specialty food and beverage show, this is definitely the place to roll it out," said John in a recent press release.

The brand-building workshop included John Wm. Macy's family members, their sales team, and key marketing advisors who all together developed 18 initial design concepts. Continued dialogue after the workshop between the parties and the Zunda Group narrowed the picks to four, and presented these to focus groups for further review.

It took six additional focus groups sessions to settle on two final designs. "We had our own design favorites going into the focus group meetings," said Tim Macy, "but feedback from consumers made it clear there was more to learn." 

Additional research that was needed would have caused the project to miss its delivery goal, so the company created a survey and sent it out to their consumer email-marketing list. The survey conclusively established a winner and sent the marketing team scurrying day-and-night to wrap up the details, which included studio photography and final design work, before going to press no sooner than five days before the opening of the Summer Fancy Food Show.

Tim Macy lauded the fine work of the Zunda Group by stating, "Their entire team contributed to a collaborative process that combined their sensitivity, creative insight, and strategic design skills with our business values and objectives to produce a brand identity and packaging that really tells our story."

See you at the show!

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