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Ketchup Cake Goes Viral

Ketchup Cake Goes Viral

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Will consumers now be looking to borrow a cup of ketchup from their neighbors the next time they are baking a cake?

An intriguing ingredient for baked goods to say the least, a cake recipe that calls for half a cup of ketchup has gone viral and even had a few bakers curious enough to give it a shot.

Named 'The Great Canadian Ketchup Cake,' the Daily Mail reports that the Heinz-approved recipe from Kraft Canada, has caused a social media frenzy, including garnering 6,000 votes up on Reddit when advertised on a Canadian Heinz bottle.

Gregory Nuttle, Director of Graduate Student Services for the University of Nevada, tried making the two-tiered, cream-cheese covered, bright red sponge… and compared it to a spiced carrot cake!

A little bit of backstory: The cake was actually born as a tribute to Heinz’s centennial anniversary in Canada, Kraft said, calling it a “showstopping cake” that “tastes as good as it looks.”

To try it for yourself, you can find the recipe here.

As for this reporter, and ketchup lover since 1990, I feel validated for every time I declared that ketchup could actually go with anything.