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Mi Rancho® Reflects on 80 Years of Tortilla Making

Mi Rancho® Reflects on 80 Years of Tortilla Making

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Bay Area innovator and third-generation, family-owned tortilla manufacturer Mi Rancho® is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019! The company’s roots stretch back to 1839 and an Oakland grocery store, which was bought in 1954 by Robert Berber, Sr., and Robert Berber, Jr.—the first to hone the company’s focus on making tortillas using traditional methods. 80 years later, the company is still producing these same tortillas and is run by the third and fourth generation of Berbers.

Manuel Berber, Owner and President, Mi Rancho®“We have seen Mi Rancho flourish since my grandfather started making tortillas on Seventh Street in Oakland. But no matter how we grow, we know that our success is rooted in our commitment to quality ingredients and traditional production methods to deliver a quality product,” said company President and third-generation Berber leader Manuel Berber. “Everyone who works for us is part of the Mi Rancho family, so we all take personal pride in the company and its tortilla products.”

Today, the company is continuing to expand and grow, producing more tortillas—still made with the age-old tortilla-making techniques of its Founders—than ever, according to a press release. Mi Rancho also ships a variety of organic, non-GMO, and authentic flour and corn tortillas worldwide that feature ingredients like California-grown whole grain corn that is cooked, steeped, washed, and ground using an Aztec process called nixtamalization, which enhances the flavor and preserves the authenticity of the tortillas. In its press release, the company notes that it prides itself on its ability to combine old world authenticity and new world innovation to produce premium tortillas with the efficiency, consistency, and quality consumers love today.

Mi Rancho® is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2019

As part of its expansion efforts and partnership with retailers, restauranteurs, and industrial customers, Mi Rancho has an expanding research and development department that creates new products and experiments with new ingredients. In addition, Mi Rancho has doubled in size over the last decade, in part due to its new segments like its research and development team and its second manufacturing facility built in 2018 in Elk Grove, California.

“We are extremely proud that Mi Rancho is celebrating 80 years of success as a family-owned company,” continued Manuel Berber, who has served as Mi Rancho’s president since 1992 and is currently grooming his sons, Alex (the current Director of Foodservice Sales) and Andrew (the current Director of Business Development), to take over as the fourth generation of Berber leaders. “We have ambitious plans for the future, and I am confident that Andrew and Alex will continue the family tradition and our commitment to excellence for another 80 years.”

With 80 years under its belt, and another 80 in its plans, there’s no telling where Mi Rancho will take the tortilla category. For more information, visit Mi Rancho on the web at www.mirancho.com.

Mi Rancho®

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