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Mondelēz International's Dirk Van de Put Talks Future Growth and Acquisitions

Mondelēz International's Dirk Van de Put Talks Future Growth and Acquisitions

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

It appears that those around our industry have been holding their breath and waiting for Mondelēz International to move in on a few of Campbell Soup’s bakery banners. This week, Bloomberg interviewed the bakery giant’s Chairman and CEO, Dirk Van de Put, asking him specific questions regarding Mondelēz’s growth and how close the company is to actually acquiring Tim Tam biscuit and Kelsey cookie businesses—if reports by Seeking Alpha prove to be correct.

And Bloomberg did not beat around the bush, with the interviewers point blank asking Van de Put about Campbell Soup.

Dirk Van de Put, Incoming CEO, Mondelēz International“Well, I don’t think I should be commenting on any potential deals or any other companies,” Van de Put said. “But, yes, we do have an opportunity. We’re the biggest snacking company in the world. We still have a lot of white spaces geographically and as it relates to the product range that we have. And we’re certainly planning on growing that way, and we’ll be exploring potential acquisitions.”

Van de Put also referenced Mondelēz’s need to be agile in the coming year. On this note, he alluded to the company’s plans of zeroing in on emerging markets for future acquisitions and growth strategies.

Mondelēz is looking to close in on emerging markets for future acquisitions

“The growth of food is happening in emerging markets, and while we already have a good presence—40 percent of our sales are already in there—we want to bolster that more, so you will see us exploring those markets,” Van de Put continued. “For instance, we have the biggest biscuit company in India and the biggest chocolate company in China, but there is more snacking going on. You will also see us look at health and wellness trends. There’s a lot going on in North America and Europe, so we will be making strides over there. And then any company that is based in digital will also be of interest to us.”

Did you catch any hints at Mondelēz International’s next acquisition? Deli Market News will continue to keep a lookout as our industry’s deli, dairy, bakery, and specialty food giants make moves.

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