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Most Expensive Fish Finger Sandwich in the World

Most Expensive Fish Finger Sandwich in the World

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

There have been many a decadent creations in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, not the least of which are edible artforms in the deli industry.

The latest extravagant offering to grace the gift list for Her Majesty is what is being touted as the world’s most expensive fish finger sandwich.

Coming in at £187 (about $270), this is not your average plate to offer at the next tea party.

Fit for a Queen

Created by Birds Eye’s Head Chef, Peter Lack, a subsidiary of Pinnacle Foods, the most luxurious of ingredients have been placed between two slices of bread to make a snack fit for a queen.

According to news source BT, the sandwich includes:

  • Salmon caviar
  • Saffron mayonnaise
  • Edible gold leaf

And, of course, the company’s limited edition ‘Cod Save The Queen’ fish fingers.

Perhaps the best part is that, unlike our previously reported $90,000 confectionary for the queen’s 90 years, this one is 100% edible.

Cod Save The Queen

As we listed before, another deli delicacy that was created for the event was Chef Shun Li of New Orleans' Windsor Court Hotel’s small, but mighty cake that came with a ruby 3.95 carat ruby and 1.95 carat diamond antique ring.

Between the two courses, a few corgis, and a really big and stylish hat, I’d say Her Majesty is set to celebrate.

Unless, of course, someone wishes to present with a very impressive and astoundingly pricey breakfast?

If anyone comes forward, DeliMarket News will let you know.

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